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11 Benefits Of Wood Briquettes In Comparison To Other Hard Fuels

The demand for wood briquettes has dramatically boosted in the recent years as they are quite useful and affordable too.They are an efficient source of heating and also maintain ecological balance.Unlike pellets, briquettes can ideally replace other solid fuels such firewood and coal without proper modernization of furnaces and boilers.How are the wood briquettes made? they are typically made of oakwood, pinewood, and beechwood.The wood from the briquettes are the scraps taken from the furniture and wood industry.Wood briquettes or heat logs are generated out of the raw or unprocessed wood chips that are then put under high pressure and converted them into fuel used in household applications or industries.The lignin (binder) gets liberated when the wood is placed under high pressure, and this glue is used for the production of wood briquettes.The heating value and quality can vary depending on how hard the pressure was and what's the wood type.Advantages of wood briquettes: 1.Easy storage wood briquettes made out of the briquetting machines are quite easy to store as they come in standard shaded packets which are stackable.2.Less co2 with the use of wood briquettes, you will have low carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide emissions which mean that sustainable energy gets produced.3.Good value for money heat logs are the most efficient and cost you much less as compared to the hardwood.4.More warmth wooden briquettes produced by the briquette machine offer more heat at less cost but don't emit any toxic chemicals while burning.5.Easy maintenance wood briquettes need less maintenance as they generate very low ash content as little as 1.5%.6.Low waste they are essentially made from forest waste and residue, so thereby results in the excellent waste management.7.Low pollution as compared to conventional fuels, the firewood briquettes generate a low amount of sulfur and ash while burning.Moreover, the post-combustion residue is very low plus they burn with a low amount of smoke and don't even spark.8.High combustion briquettes also retain the heat for a long time and don't even burn off quickly.But the regular firewood naturally contains moisture, barks, knots and resin that make the burning irregular and hard to control.9.Low moisture as compared to the other options, the high-quality heat logs made by the briquetting plant contains less moisture, i.E., almost 6 to 8% and also burns well.In fact, the briquettes will eliminate more energy per kilo instead of the regular firewood.10.High calorific value they are an excellent source of fuel due to its high calorific value and high energy content per cubic foot due to high density that means less storage space.11.Easy packaging the convenient packaging of wood briquettes allows you to load and unload them manually in the basement, garage, and even in the pantry.

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