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3 Key Things To Consider While Choosing A Rotary Drum Dryer

Rotary dryers are considered as the excellent machines for drying as they are simple to operate and produce a uniform product.It is capable of processing hundreds of tons of materials per hour and usually last for the decades.They run effectively on a frequent basis as it consumes much less energy to maintain a specific temperature within the machine to repeatedly return to the for another shift.Process: rotary drum dryer consists of a big cylindrical tube (known as a drum) via which the drying air gets passed.The damp material is fed on the interior of the chamber, the flight collects the material and carry it all over, and drop it via the drying air as the drum rotates with the high speed.Then it maximizes the heat transfer between the drying air and material.The material is fed continuously into the machine at one end, and the dry material comes out at another end.Vital factors to consider while picking the rotary dryer: there are many different types of rotary dryers that you can use it in many various applications.But carefully choosing the right one for your job will yield the most efficient outcome.1.Indirect or direct heat direct heat rotary dryer passes the drying air via the drum.The co-current flow or the counter-current flow drives the drying air.On the other hand, the direct dryers are the most common ones and mainly used for drying the bulk of solid.If the material fed is going to be used in the consumer products, it may not be suitable for those materials to come into contact with the combustion gases of a direct rotary dryer.In the cases where the material processed fails to come into contact with the oxygen or requires an inert environment, the indirect rotary drum dryer is the best solution.2.Surroundings location of the operation is another big factor to consider while choosing a rotary drum dryer.The surrounding atmosphere, humidity, air temperature, and elevation affect the performance of the dryer.For example, a hike in height means less oxygen in the atmosphere, thus making the air dense and less inflammable.So at the higher elevations, you may need the fan of big size.Picking the right dryer can boost the efficiency of the materials in the industrial applications.3.Tailored solution many factors will influence the drying process.The traits of material will affect how it responds to drying and how the dryer works around those features to generate a product with the desired specifications.Moreover, while manufacturing the dryer, the features like the angle of repose, bulk density, moisture content, etc.Must be considered.

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