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3 Practical Tips About Problems Analysis Of Blow Molding Products Cooling The Clear Guide

How to control blow molding products cooling time? in the process of extrusion blow molding, the blowing of embryo and the cooling of the product are synchronized.Except for a very short outgassing time, the blowing time of the embryo is almost the same as the cooling time of the product.The product cooled time directly affects the product performance and production efficiency.Non-uniform cooling will make the shrinkage of products and parts different.And it can cause warp of products and skew of bottleneck.In order to prevent plastic from deforming due to elastic recovery, the cooling time of blow molded products is generally longer.Usually 1/3-2/3 of the molding cycle.The cooling time depends on the plastic variety and the shape of the product.For example, polyethylene with low thermal conductivity needs longer cooling time than polypropylene with the same thickness under the same conditions.Usually with the increase of wall thickness, the cooling time is prolonged.How to control mold temperature during the product cooled.The principle of mold temperature control is the temperature setting of blow molding mold.Ensure product with high performance, good size stability, shorter molding cycle time, lower energy consumption and less waste.To ensure the quality of product, the temperature of mold should distribution evenly.And ensure the product cooled evenly of product during the cooling process.Mold temperature is generally maintained at 20-50 degrees.If the mold temperature is too low, it will reduce extension of plastic at clamp and not suitable for blowing.It is difficult to mold as well.The outline and pattern of the product are not also clear.The mold temperature is too high, the cooling time and the cycle is prolonged.At this time, if the cooling is not enough, it will cause the product out of mold and deformation, shrinkage increase, and the surface is not lustrous.Mold temperature depends on variety of plastic.When the glass transition temperature of plastics is high, higher mold temperature can be used; otherwise, the mold temperature can be lowered as much as possible.To increase cooling effect, yankang plastic machinery in the design of cooling tower that equipped with blow molding machine.The filler is made of high-quality polypropylene raw material to form an inclined wave plate to increase the cooling effect by spreading the water-spraying area.And through the rotation of water distribution or pipe-type water distribution, to achieve uniform water distribution and enhance the cooling effect.Cooling tower what are the factors affecting the cooling of blow molded products? there are many influence factors about blow molding products cooling.As the following, plastic type selected different materials have different melt temperature.The high melt temperature needs longer cooling time.Molded product including volume, shape and wall thickness.The products with complex shape, bigger volume and thicker wall need longer cooling time.Inlet temperature and flow rate of cooled water the inlet temperature of cooling water is high, the flow rate is small and it needs long cooling time.Clamping force and dimensional error of mold if the mold can not fit well and clamp, and there are manufacturing errors inside the mold, the blow molding products may be incompletely cooled, affecting the quality of blow molding products.Yankang plastic machinery designs and produces molds independently adopt unique technology.Optimize the machine structure while providing more powerful clamping force.And adopt the advanced cnc ensure the consistency of processing and reduce machining errors.Improve the craft level of molds.Besides, here are some other aspect factors.The thermal conductivity of materials used in blow mold the edge structure of clamping blanks and the exhaust of mold the design of cooled passage for blow mold the accuracy of temperature control of blow mold and mold the blown air pressure and gas volume type of internal cooled and the temperature and pressure of the cooling medium the type of post-cooling if you want to learn more relevant blow molding problems , here are some helpful articles for you.That's all.Thanks for reading.

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