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3 Preventative Maintenance Steps Recommended By Air Conditioning Experts

Air conditioning systems contain many complex electrical, electronic and mechanical parts.Like any complex machine, they need regular maintenance and servicing to ensure that they are operating efficiently.Regular maintenance should be conducted at the start of each heating and cooling season.This will ensure that the chances of a breakdown when you need your air conditioning most is minimised.Also, the early detection and correction of any issues will prevent any problems from turning into a costly repair.Here are three preventative maintenance steps that you can carry out yourself today.1.Inspect outdoor units: the outdoor unit should not be obstructed, so any shrubs, branches, and bushes should be trimmed back.Inside the cabinet should be free from any dirt, debris and dead leaves that may there.The coil, motor and fan blade may also be dirty and need a thorough cleaning.It may be difficult for a layman to detect, but if you have a keen eye, you may notice any visible signs of wear and tear.Another area to look at is the control box and the associated connections which should be secure and not frayed or worn.If you notice any signs of wear or damage, call on a professional to give the system a service as the underlying problem will not get better on its own.2.Check the indoor units take a look at the combustion blower as there may be dust and debris lodged in there.The blower wheels will need to be cleaned, and the motor may need lubricating.If your system also supplies heat, it will be necessary to check the ignition system and ensure that there are no gas leaks.The flue system should be securely attached to the furnace, and there shouldn't be any signs of corrosion.The air filters will also need cleaning, and this is a good time to ensure that the wiring connections are all secure.3.Turn the system on the system needs to be turned on to ensure that everything is working correctly.Observe any abnormalities, such as unusual knocking noises, burning smells, the odour of gas and anything else that seems out of place.Check the vents to ensure that there is an adequate airflow of treated air coming into your home.If there are any unusual characteristics or the airflow is poor, call a professional to give your system a thorough check.If they are looking for air conditioning experts, perth residents should contact us here at gas & air.We are your local professional air conditioning experts, we supply and install the best systems available today.We can offer free interest financing for all qualifying customers if required.Get in touch with us, and we will be happy to answer any queries you may have.

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