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4 Aspects To Introduce The Jaw Crusher Bearing Replacement

Jaw crusher is used for mining gravel crusher, is widely used in mining, chemicals, building materials and other industries,and is the most commonly used crusher equipment.Jaw crusher's bearings are one of the essential components,main bearing mostly used split plain bearings,bearing lining is mostly made ??by babbit,which require higher bearing scraping technology.If scraping is bad or gap adjustment is improper,watts or bush-burning accident may happen.Let's introduce the jaw crusher bearing replacement from 4 aspects.1, when removal the old tile of the jaw crusher,works should do (1) measurement the thickness of the old bearing joints of tile port gasket.(2) the level of measuring spindle.(3) carefully check the main shaft is smooth, rust, scratches and other defects, if any should try to eliminate.(4) measure the headspace of the old bearing backlash and axial clearance.2, testing the broken machine tile back and bearing contact according to the requirements of the assembly of heavy machinery and general technical conditions must be tile back scraping good to reach the technical requirements.Otherwise, the operation of equipment prone to reverse slip or rotation between the bearing and the bearing.To prevent this from happening, generally are used to pin and sleeve positioning mode.Related recommendation: the advantages of self-aligning roller bearings in the bearing choice of the jaw crusher.3, bearing scraping technical requirements spindle scraping should meet the following technical standards according to the requirements in the assembly of heavy machinery and general technical conditions.(1) spindle and bearing both even and smooth contact, as well as with the gap, so that the part of the formation of oil under the bush and the spindle outside the contact angle wedge, wedge from tile mouth by the maximum a gradual transition to zero.(2) contact angle can not be too large nor too small.Contact angle is too small to make the bearing pressure increase, serious make bush have a greater deformation, accelerated wear and shorten life; contact angle is too large, will affect the film formation, the destruction of lubricating effect.Therefore, under the premise does not affect the condition of the bearing pressure, the contact angle as small as possible.(3) the actual contact spots, contact angle range, the more the more detailed, the more uniform the better.4,scraping main bearing scraping bearing axis is the baseline, both study after bore scraper scrapers.The scraping procedure is first scraped tile early, early scraping on the tile, then fine scraping the entire tile last scraping the side of the gap and the oil remaining in point.Bearing scraping generally can be divided into coarse scraping.Fine scraping and fine scratch process.Scraping should be adopted to take the first heavy and light scraping heavy to stay light, scraping to stay small principle.Scraped bearing, not only to the point of contact, the contact angle to meet the technical requirements, but also make the top.Side of the gap to reach the required value.We also provide jaw crusher,stone production line,welcome to visit our factory! henan kefan mining machinery co.,ltd.Is a mining machinery which mainly supply mining equipment, such as crusher,brick making machine,briquetting machine,rotary dryer,jaw crusher,raymond mill,grinding mill,cement mill,autoclaved aerated concrete,block machine,granulator,rotary kiln,etc.

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