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4 Things You Should Know Before You Go To Uk

Uk holidays are bound to be a great deal of fun and you will get to see some amazing attractions such as westminster palace, westminster abbey and tower of london visit some famous destinations, both historic and cultural.However, there are some things you should know before you go.These handy etiquette tips will save you from making any social faux pas and make your trip pleasant and memorable: be polite: mind your ps and qs quite literally when on your uk holidays.Say please and thank you as often as necessary.When visiting a family home, never go empty-handed.You must take a gift with you - either flowers, a bottle of wine or chocolates if there are children.But, don't overdo it.Come bearing only one gift, any more and you will be seen as deceiving.Always thank your host or hostess after dinner or an outing with a thank you card or phone call.Greet appropriately: shaking hands is fine if you're meeting for the first time, and remains appropriate for men, no matter how many times you meet thereafter.Women generally kiss each other on the cheek.Don't go in for a hug too soon, or it could get awkward.Maintaining your physical distance is always a good rule of thumb.You don't want to get labelled as the over-affectionate tourist now, do you? do not jump queues: waiting in line is taken quite seriously in the uk and you simply must wait your turn.Cutting the line or trying to get ahead is severely frowned upon and you will be asked to get to the back of the line.It's not worth the hassle and the rude looks you will be shot, so be patient.In fact, maintaining good humour while waiting in line is considered to be a highly appreciated trait.Tip wisely: the tips in the uk are lesser than those expected in countries like the us and you don't have to tip movie ushers, elevator operators or bar staff in pubs.Tip modestly to avoid being perceived as 'showing off'.You don't have to tip in clubs either or any other place where you're not being served at a table.It can be confusing at times, so always ask fellow travellers if you're unsure.There could easily be several books written about social etiquette in the uk, but for short trips, these tips will prove satisfactory.If you're ever unsure of what to do, though, just watch what others are doing and do the same.And of course, use your best judgement.

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