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4 Tips To Make A Magnetic Separator Safer And More Effective

A magnetic separator has been used in a variety of manufacturing applications for decades.Industrial strength magnetic separation is an easy and cost effective way to remove unwanted ferrous metals from products.This is utilized to boost product purity and quality while protecting other sensitive processing equipment from damage.In some situations a magnetic separator can even be used to prevent accidental explosions or fires in unwanted areas.The key getting the most out of this process is by ensuring it is used safely and effectively.The most common cause of magnet damage and worker injury is while the magnetics are being handled and transported.Extreme care is necessary when dealing with industrial strength magnets because they have the potential to cause severe injury.A majority of accidents involving a magnetic separator occur when it is being cleaned or transported.The magnets are incredibly powerful and can be violently attracted to surrounding surfaces, such as steel chutes, i-beams, and pipes.If a worker gets a finger or hand caught between an industrial magnet and the metallic surface a serious injury will always be the result.There are three ways safety can be directly tied to the overall efficiency of a magnetic separator.The first is injury prevention.If an industrial magnetic is the cause of a work injury then it will not be able to be used for a period of time following the accident.As a result, the magnetic separator will not be able to function and the entire manufacturing process may need to be shut down.For maximum effectiveness a magnetic separator must be regularly cleaned to remove the fine metal particulates which can build up on the magnet.If it is not cleaned the power of the magnetic will consistently diminish over time.The easiest way to speed up the cleaning and maintenance process is by creating an area which is free from carbon steel and other magnetic metals.This will allow workers to accomplish the maintenance and cleaning processes quickly and effectively which will ensure the magnetic separator is back online within minimal downtime.There are other common causes which can degrade the power of the magnetic.These same factors can also cause worker safety issues or increase the frequency maintenance is required.Some of the most common variables include the exposure to sunlight, consistently operating in temperatures beyond the recommended levels, and corrosion due to exposure from acids and alkalis.The key to maximizing the benefits of a magnetic separator is to utilize a variety of safety practices to ensure faster maintenance, cleaning, and repair times as well as eliminate common causes which degrade the power of the magnet.

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