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4 Unique Ways To Eat Your Eggs

Boiled, fried and scrambled eggs are amazing, but there comes a time when you need a bit of a change in terms of your morning breakfast routine.Thankfully, it is quite easy to shake up your eggs and try something new.Here are four extra special recipes to try out with your loved ones.Tea eggs while not ideal for your breakfast meal (as they are best enjoyed on their own), these make for a wonderful snack throughout the day.In order to make them, you will need black tea, chinese five spice seasoning mix and soy sauce.Create a marinade using these ingredients and hard boil some eggs.Once you take them off of the stove, instead of placing them in a bowl of cold water, place them into your marinade - and remember to lightly crack the shell before doing so.For the best results, allow them to marinate for a few days in the fridge.Once ready, they will have a rich, self-indulgent taste that the whole family is sure to love.Deviled eggs if you enjoy some decadence in your life from time to time, you will absolutely adore deviled eggs.Hard boil your eggs as you usually would and remove the shells.Next, cut them in half, remove the yolks and mix them up in a separate bowl.Add a dash of mustard or mayonnaise, as well as spices of your choice, and mix once again.Spoon the mix into the eggs and enjoy! for an extra 'kick' add some paprika and top with a delicious fruit chutney.Baked eggs there is nothing quite like a delightful egg on toast, right? wrong! if this is your idea of an amazing breakfast, just wait until you have tried a baked eggs recipe.All that you will need are small rolls and eggs.Slice open each roll and remove some of the soft bread from the inside.Crack an egg into the hollows and bake until they are set and the bread is crisply toasted.1 yum! steamed eggs steamed eggs introduce a beautiful, silky texture to the palate and are always filled with flavour.This egg recipe originated in china and has made its way into the western world over the last few years.In order to get it right, simply beat your eggs and add them to a rich chicken broth for extra taste.Pour the mixture into a dish and then place into a steamer until the eggs are firm and cooked through.If you are not one for chicken broth, you can also steam the eggs in plain water.2 it's time to shake up your eggs! what are you waiting for? get into the kitchen and give these exciting egg recipes a try today.

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