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5 Safety Tips For Getting Through An Earthquake

When an earthquake strikes, you need to know how to keep you and your family safe.There are several tips that can you through this kind of natural disaster.A the first thing to remember is to find a safe place under a sturdy piece of furniture.This can be a table, desk, or other furniture that can protect you from falling debris.Once under it, stay put until the earthquake is over.You should have a designated safe place for each room to take cover under.During an earthquake, it is essential that you not move around in the building while the earthquake is occurring.People have the greatest chance of becoming injured from falling debris.Once the shaking has stopped, then you can check on your family.You should teach your children to find the designated safe spot and stay there until it is over.Have an emergency pack in your home that contains supplies for you and your family in the event of an earthquake.It should contain the following:a -prescription medication -bottled water -extra clothes -flashlight -toilet paper -weather radio -fully charged cell phone -canned food with can opener.This should be placed where each member of the family can easily find it.You should know where the emergency shut-off is for your water, gas and electric in your home.After an earthquake, you can quickly shut them off in case of a gas leak, which can be dangerous.You should also have a lost of the emergency contact numbers for the utility companies in case you do detect a leak.This list should be kept in your emergency pack for easy reference.A have an emergency plan for you and your family to follow in this type of an emergency.It should be practiced periodically to keep it fresh in everyone's mind.The plan should include: -a meeting place after the earthquake -places to take cover -how to recognize a gas leak -escape route from home -how to handle injuries.With these tips, you and your family can be prepared before an earthquake occurs.This will help to keep everyone safe and reduce the chances of injury.

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