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5x Sand Maker Is Your Deserving Choice

Today's social development is increasingly rapid pace, and students over the level of people with social development are also rising.The face of the town now has earth-shaking changes, the full implementation of the national highway network, large-scale water, a series of construction waste, so countries have issued strict regulations for disposal of construction waste, which expressly provides construction waste handling implementation resources, sound reduction, who produced of who bears the liability provisions promote the comprehensive utilization of construction waste, construction units priority in the use of construction waste comprehensive utilization of products.In the mining and processing process of metal and nonmetal ores, there will produce a lot of waste ore and tailings.The production of mechanism sand can use large quantities of waste ores, tailings and river gravel, which are processed by sand making machine to produce the mechanism sand and mechanism mineral powder with high quality respectively suitable for concrete and asphalt concrete.Nowadays, the common mechanism sand production mostly adopts wet productive technology, which utilizes saturated raw material crushing and flushing for dedusting.It not only needs a lot of water resources (which is very difficult to achieve for some areas where water resources are scarce), which will be caused the environmental pollution and a great of waste (dust particles can not be effectively utilized).So, the traditional wet productive technology has a higher steel consumption, energy consumption and fine sand consumption.5x sand making machine is the latest dry sand production equipment, which can perfect make up the defects of wet productive technology.5x sand making machine gathers the advantages of pcl series sand making machine and vsi series sand making machine, it is also a kind of new equipment gathering the three crushing modes.5x sand making machine is made by the international existing best materials with high wear-resistance, high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance, which is strong and durable.The high alloy pouring into diamond combined impact block capable of exchanging can take turns using, which not only improves the utilization rate but also prolong service life of the inner shield; the optimization design of deep cavity type rotor with the best emitting port as well as internal smooth curve design, which can reduce the material flow resistance and greatly improve the passing rate of material; the composite hammer head design only needs to replace the damaged hammer, which is simple and can reduce the cost.5x series dry sand production equipment is simple and feasible, stable operation, the mechanism sand of stable quality, which can not only effectively solve the problem of pollution and water issues, but also can obtain good economic benefit and comprehensive benefit.Henan hongxing machinery co., ltd.On behalf of the crusher industry take the lead in achieving emissions-reduction targets, driven by a leap-forward development of other industrial equilibrium direction of environmental protection, energy conservation is not only our business on helping, but more importantly for the sake of peace and health of our society, i hope all of our machinery industry future development can be in strict accordance with the scale of the country! sand making machinehttp://www.Hxjqchina.Com/product-list_57.Html ore beneficiationhttp://www.Hxjqchina.Com/n28.Htmlball millshttp://www.Crusher-machine.Com/21.Html.

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