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600x900 Jaw Crusher

Working principle there are a set of vertical jaws in the machine, one fixed and one movable (back and forth).The jaws are further apart at the top than at the bottom forming a tapered chute when the minerals are loaded into the chute, they are crushed progressively into smaller and smaller pieces as the movable plate jaw presses against the fixed plate jaw until finally they have reached the required size.Advantages 1) very fast uniform communicating.2) easy clean and operation3) wide entry throat ensures easy feeding for crushing chamber.4) suitable for the following sample materials: hard , medium-hard , brittle5) over loading protection 6) simple construction and easy maintenance.General troubles and solution of jaw crusher jaw crushers are equipments which can coarsely and intermediately crush several hard materials by the press and bend of the two jaw plates.It consists of fixed and movable jaw plates.When the both plates close to each other, the materials can be crushed, and when separate each other, the smaller materials than discharging open can be sent out on the bottom, the action of crushing is intermittent.The equipment is widely used in industries such as mining-selecting, construction materials, silicate and pottery, because of the advantages of simple structure, reliable operation, crushing hard materials.1 main engine suddenly stops.Reasons 1) the discharging open blocked with materials 2) triangle belt of drive sheave is too loose, causing belt creep.3) eccentric sleeve looses, causing that there is no space in both sides of bearing seat of rack and eccentric shaft 4) the voltage in working space is too low that it can't crush when meeting large-block materials 5) bearing is failure.Repairing methods 1) clear the blockage in the discharging open, making sure discharging flexible 2) screw up or replace the triangle belt 3) re-install or replace sleeves 4) adjust the voltage in working space to adapt the voltage demand of main engine 5) replace the bearing.2 the main engine slot and jaw crusher rotate normally, but the crushing stops reasons 1) strain spring collapses 2) draw bar ruptures 3) toggle plate falls off or ruptures repairing methods 1) replace spring 2) replace draw bar 3)re-install or replace the toggle plate 3 the output can't reach original factory standard reasons: 1) the hardness or endurance of materials go beyond the range of instruction book 2) electric motor connects inversely, the main engine works opposite (jaw crusher rotates clockwise)or the electric's triangle connection is replaced by star connection by mistake.3) discharging open is smaller than specified limits 4) jaw plate moved, the tops of the teeth opposite each other.5) the voltage of working space is too low 6) movable jaw plate and bearing are wear off that the break is too large that the outer ring of bearing comes into relative rotation repairing methods 1) replace crushing material or crush once again.2) adjust the motor connection 3) adjust discharging open to adapt the instruction book and increase the machines used in tiny crushing 4) check the distance between dental plate and pitch of gear, if not match the instruction book, replace the jaw plate, adjusting the relative places between fixed and movable jaw plates make sure that top of the tooth face the tooth root, then fixed in case the shift 5) raising the voltage of working space to adapt the demand of main engine.Jinshan machinery co.,ltd insists the principle of "credit first, customers uppermost" and staying the idea of "quality makes splendish and reputation create future" welcome the new and old customers to cooperate.

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