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7 Qualities To Look For In A Disc Sander Back Up Pad

Back up pads, or disc holders, are used on sanding power tools to drive coated abrasive discs and surface conditioning sheets.They are widely-available in an assortment of sizes, attachment forms, and fits.When it comes to disc sanders, the quality of the backing pad is an important factor in the type of finishing results you get.Among expert craftsmen in the industry, it is well-known that the firmness and size of a disc sander back-up pad plays a significant role in the type of application it can be used for.Continue reading to learn 7 specific qualities that a good backup pad should always have so you know what to look for in the future.1.Molded polyurethane foam - a good backup pad has a specially-designed, molded polyurethane foam that is flexible enough to withstand the reverberations of a dual-action random orbital sander.This environmentally-friendly foam absorbs vibrations, which prevents disc sanders from bouncing.And a permanent bond between the pad and the sander eliminates the hassle of separation during use.2.Thermoset fiberglass epoxy backing - plastic backing warp and aluminum oxide backings bend.Fiberglass epoxy backing withstands high levels of heat and impaction produced by the operation of a power sander.This allows the backup pad to remain flat during use, and last longer.3.1/2 inch diameter vacuum holes - your backing pad should have full, ½ inch diameter holes that match the manufacturer's standards for sanding discs.This simply allows for the most optimal performance of your tools vacuum system.4.Welded and plated stud assembly - a durable stud assembly that is welded and plated provides permanent alignment between the sander and the pad, as well as, easy pad removal and corrosion prevention.5.Four-rivet stud assembly - a quality back-up pad will have a stud assembly that is attached by 4 rivets.Ones that are molded in place permanently can come loose and strip during operation, which jeopardizes the quality of the finish.Instead, a flat, raised steel washer connected by a 4-reviet attachment is better.6.Weight tolerance - a good backing pad should have a stringent tolerance for weight, but also for balance, roundness, and flatness.A pad that lacks in any of these aspects will causes vibrations, tire the user, and render an unprofessional finish.7.Vinly or hook facing - a quality back up pad will also have an embossed vinyl facing or hook facing.The facing is intricately molded with polyurethane foam, which creates a surface that is highly-durable and flat.This offers maximum adhesion, as well as, fast and simple pad removal and replacement.

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