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7 Types Of Conveyor Belt Accessories To Look For

The entire product range of conveyor belt and components consist of a wide variety of components that are reliable and optimize the service life and safety of belt conveyors as well as lower spillage.In an efficient conveyor belt system, some of the most important mining conveyor components include buckets, bolts, hazard controls, tracking systems, cleaners, rollers and a wide range of accessories.Find out about 7 of the most important accessories in this range.Conveyor rollers any mining system needs a wide variety of conveyor rollers, and these are available in varied diameters and widths in order to satisfy the needs of the conveyor belt.Many suppliers also offer a complete range of rubber disc return rollers and impact rollers along with a wide variety of rubber lagged rollers in order to improve material release.Skirting systems a wide range of spill edge or skirting is available, and these are applied to the side surface of the conveyor belt in order to prevent the spillage of products over the edge.Polyurethane skirting of dual seal variety is perfect for conveyors that handle very fine or dusty materials.Tracking systems tracking your conveyor belt can be free of damage or maintenance when you use tru-trac conveyor tracking systems, which happen to be some of the commonest conveyor belt accessories in the industry.Cleating cleating is the part where lifts are integrated to the conveyor belt in order to make sure that there is smooth movement of the product during the process of production.Before choosing cleating, you should get good technical advice on the same in order to make the best choice.Fasteners you have to consider quite a few important factors in order to pick the most appropriate fastener for the conveyor belt that you are using.You need to review the thickness and tension of your belt, where you would apply your belt and whether you should go for solid or hinged fastener.The market abounds in superior fasteners that offer the promise of durability and strength, and can let you repair a belt on the site in an efficient and timely fashion.Many mechanical conveyor belt fasteners can be perfectly repaired on-site.It is advised that you do not join heavy-duty conveyor belts by vulcanizing, when they are hot.It is not a sensible option, and you will always need to consider the practicality of a solution before choosing it.Conveyor belt cleaners based on the industry sector where your belt is being used in, your range of cleaners will vary.In the mining and quarry industry, v plough, primary and secondary cleaners are recommended.In the food industry, the use of food grade cleaners is advised.You should choose conveyor belt cleaners based on the type of your industry where you are using the belt.Foils, paste and adhesives you have to follow the recommendations of manufacturers when it comes to choosing adhesives, paste and foils for the belt, so that they match and satisfy the manufacturer specifications.

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