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A Complete Guide About The Different Types Of Cowhide Rugs

Rugs are just one of the many products that are made from cowhides.Other products which are made from cowhides include pillows, bags, table runners, purses, jackets, placemats and many more.However, among these, cowhide rugs are the most popular.Cowhide is derived by skinning dead cows.The skin extracted is then passed through various processes to make the rugs that adorn various spaces in a home.The hide is tanned to make it soft.This prevents moulting of the hide and increases its longevity.Types of rugs made of cowhides for people who look for alternatives to traditional carpets, cowhides present the perfect option.Patchwork rugs are immensely popular as they look expensive and also give a casual and stylish appeal.These rugs are created by sewing together pieces of cowhides.The patches are obtained from the left over hide post trimming.The patches are then sewn and arranged in various shapes including carousel and rectangle.Their popularity has increased to such an extent that they have become a part of every modern household.Many interior designers implement the cowhide inspired look in every piece of decor and furniture.The geometric rugs are extremely popular in this regard and are available in a variety of patterns, textures and colours.They can add a luxurious appeal to any home.The highest quality hides are the ones that have natural colours.The high quality ones come from south america.Low quality hides on the other hand are light weight and thin.Other varieties of rugs include the ones that are painted, dyed or those that contain designs and patterns resembling those of zebra, giraffe, jaguar, tiger and various other animals.Apart from these, mosaic rugs in unique patterns are also immensely popular.Dyed rugs are those which contain colour modifications which are achieved through dyeing.Another variety is the printed ones.These rugs generally have unique printed designs and look elegant.Cleaning the rugs for most owners, cleaning the made to measure rugs placed in different areas of the house may prove to be a hassle.Appropriate maintenance is essential in order to preserve their beauty.It is hence important to clean them regularly by vacuuming or by using brushes that have soft bristles.Vigorously shaking the rugs outdoors is also a good way to get rid of accumulated dust.This method also effectively cleans the underside of most of the rugs.In case of spills on the rugs, it is important to clean them with caution.Gentle stroking using a damp cloth with mild soap can prove to be effective in picking up the spill.While employing this technique for cleaning, it is important to rinse the cloth frequently.Cowhide rugs can enhance the beauty of any given space.There are numerous varieties of them that may be chosen.However, once chosen, it is important to maintain them in order to keep them in good condition.

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