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A Discussion On Hydrated Lime Production Process

The dry powder obtained from lime stone is known as hydrated lime.This mineral is mostly classified by the amount of water that it is capable of retaining.Hydrated lime is generally used for neutralizing acid content in sewage and water systems.It is also used for stabilizing the acidic content in soil.Hydrated lime has many other industrial uses.The production process of hydrated lime consists of three main stages that are listed below: limestone quarryingin this stage limestone, which is the raw material used for making hydrated lime is quarried or procured from mines.In this stage this raw material is available in very large chunks that are not suitable for kilns.These large chunks are broken down into small pieces in order to make them fit enough for further processing in kilns.The small pieces of limestone range from 4 to 6 inches in size.This process of breaking down limestone chunks is known as sizing or crushing.Heating in kilnin this process, firstly the small-pieces of limestone are mixed with small amount of coal.The ratio of limestone and coal in this mixture are in a ratio of 4:1.This mixture is subjected to extremely high temperature in a kiln to the point where the required reaction happens.This reaction requires a temperature around 900 degrees celsius and once this temperature is attained, it is extremely important to maintain it throughout the reaction.This temperature is known as the dissociation temperature which is required to dissociate or separate calcium carbonate (limestone) to obtain quick lime.The carbon dioxide present in the mix is eliminated in this process.Slakingslaking is the process in which small-pieces of quick lime obtained from kilns is placed in layers that are 3-4 inches in thickness.Subsequently water is uniformly sprinkled on each of layer.Once the process of slaking begins, water is not added.Lumps of quick lime which are not slaked are separated and added to the next batch of quick lime that has to be slaked.The impurities found in quick lime are mostly the one that are produced due to firing of limestone in kilns or are found in raw material.This process is the final stage of obtaining the finished product which is called hydrated lime.Agarwal min chem.Ltd is a prominent manufacturer and supplier of premium quality minerals.The offerings of the company encompass quick lime, china clay lumps, gypsum lumps, limestone lumps and hydrated lime powder.The company also offers ordinary portland cement and petroleum coke powder.For more information, browse through http://www.Agarwalgroups.Com.

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