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A Glimpse On Morocco Luxury Tours

The feeling of the journey.Before knowing about the morocco luxury tours, it's better to know something about morocco.Morocco is a country in the maghreb region of north africa.It has a population of over 33.8 million and an area of 446,550 square km.Its political capital is rabat.As already mentioned in the link to the website, the luxury tour focuses on the fascinating cities, ancient ruins, berber villages, kasbahs and the beautiful sahara desert.This tour gives you the exposure to some of the important places namely fez, volubilis, meknes, rabat, marrakesh, ouarzazate, atlas mountain & the area adjoining them.Each place has a special feature which is mentioned in details in the website link http://morocco-luxury-experience.Com/shop/the-ultimate-luxury-tour-of-morocco/.As you observe the link you will find unesco world heritage sites, streets, workshops mosques and universities, as well as the open-air tanneries.You also find traditional carpets, copperware, leatherwork, ceramics and zellij tilework in the visit to various places.The tour program also takes you to excursions to places like roman ruins at volubilis & old capital.The scenery, the hills etc.Are equally heart touching with respect to natural beauty.Visit to the pink city & an experience with moorish garden, architecture, monuments, mosques, museum , arts & crafts marketing spices etc.Will thrill your heart.Exclusive restaurants & guesthouses with quality & special dishes will make it difficult for you to control your saliva.Just visit the link to get a glimpse of it.Boutiques and galleries in gueliz are also special highlights.Journey also provides you to see movie locations where suiting is made especially ouarzazate.Stay at luxury resort for you is already booked.Pool spa there is very refreshening for you.These are the highlights of the places & a brief about them.But when a person takes a decision to go to see the reality, everything appears like the heaven & god who reside there.You get the feeling of being the god of the heavenly beauty you visit.Talking of climate, morocco experiences mediterranean climate.It has dryer conditions and inland deserts.The south-eastern most portions of morocco are very hot, and include portions of the sahara desert, where vast swathes of sand dunes and rocky plains are dotted with lush oases.Regarding tourism, morocco attracted more than 10 million tourists in 2013.Tourism is the second largest foreign exchange earner in morocco after the phosphate industry.Government is heavily investing in tourism development.Vision 2020 plans to make morocco one of the top 20 tourist destinations in the world and to double the annual number of international arrivals to 20 million (20% of gdp) by the year 2020.With so much help from government & the government itself becoming so excited with tourism, nothing is left out which will keep you away to visit the place.So, take the right step to see a right place with the right path shown by the right people who give you all support to meet your tourism needs & fulfill your heart with great support from government ,the tourism industry & not to forget the most esteemed "morocco luxury experience, "which is always at service at your doorsteps or internet steps to reach you before you reach morocco.

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