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About Biomass Briquette Plant

Briquetting plant or briquette press is widely used technology.Now a days environment protection and pollution are very big issue.So to overcome with this problem briquette plant technology introduced by the briquetting plant manufacturer.Briquetting machine is eco-friendly technology to convert your waste into biomass briquettes.Agricultural waste, industrial waste and forestry waste available in large volume but we do not know that how to use it and either we burnt it or dumped into landfills so land and air pollution increase but briquetting plant convert that waste into briquettes through modern technology.First of all waste material gathered and squashed under high pressure without using ash that is why it is binder less technology.The briquette press produces fuel that is the perfect substitute for conventional fossil fuels and can be easily used in different sector like milk industry, food processing industry , leather industry and so on.Since waste from forestry and agriculture is converted into solid fuel it helps to save the environment and it is economical as compared to other sources.In ancient time black coal and kerosene were used to heat but now the trend is a different and traditional source are expensive than briquettes.Briquette press is economical project and give maximum output within a short time.These briquettes prevent fossil fuels carbon added to the environment.Due to high price of petrol and kerosene people switch over towards the use of briquetting plant.This project helps farmers to earn income by selling raw material and waste raw material.Hence this project is advantageous to farmers also to earn revenue.Briquettes are made from briquette plant are lower in rate than any other fuels.One of the foremost reasons is that it is a renewable energy and therefore it avoid the expenditure of non-renewable energy.It is completely eco friendly and easy availability means it is renewable.It is any day much more economical and therefore save costs when compared to the usage of fossil fuels.Since briquettes contain no chemical therefore there are no chances of sulfur poison the environment.There is a large number of briquetting plant manufacturer who engaged in the manufacturing of briquetting machine.Briquettes are any day more economical than coal briquetting plant do not discharge any sulfur.It is because of these features that many now wish to establish briquetting plant due to its enormous benefits and merit.Moreover easy maintenance also contributes towards the feasibility of the briquetting press machine.

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