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Accidents Of Jaw Crushers

One day a worker in an industry left jaw crusher for lunch.Jaw manufacturers set the time required to complete the process to more than five hours.The man returned when only two hours left to complete the task.He noticed that if the crusher is not fed urgently than the conveyor belt would stop so he walked to feed the crusher and went straight up to the crusher feed mouth and hit his left foot to the console edge.To feed the crusher he hit the ore and due to excessive force, his right foot entered in the crusher and ankle was broken.This accident refers to the fact that even jaw crushers for sale are finding huge demand because of their usability and advantages, but if they are not used properly they may cause serious accidents as they are heavy machines.Machines that crush stones can crush bones in no time, so jaw crusher suppliers say that proper preventions must not be ignored in any way because these machines can cause major damages.Jaw crusher manufacturers advise to deal with downtime if the machine is expected jam.If instead of taking treatment measures lump ores are continuously fed, serious accident may result.Jaw crushers for sale must be chosen along with their safety shoes, helmet and overall, which may be found at their suppliers.Jaw crusher manufacturers or expert users must be contacted to give training of self protection to avoid the occurrence of accidents.Jaw crusher manufacturers say that they must not be chosen before forming quality assurance department.It is the work of qa team to ensure that all the safety measures are taken before starting work on any plant.Every person or most of the persons of the qa team must know about the safety standards of iso, gcs, etc.Jaw crusher suppliers also say that it is the responsibility of the security department to investigate the accident and operating environment and try to find that whether the accident is human made or machine made.Before chosen jaw crushers for sale the safety training and education must be strengthen to enhance the safety of the workers.Workers should also be motivated to enhance their safety and self protection skills.

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