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Adopting New Screening Methods To Recall Green And Efficiency

Screening is a process of separating into groups of different products of various sizes.Each group consists of products of approximately same size.The mass, which remains, on a screen is called the oversize of the screen and the material, which passes through the screen is, called the undersize.The vibratory screen should be compulsorily enclosed from the screen supporting platform level up to top of the screen.The enclosure should be provided either with maintenance walkway around or without walkways with a compact enclosure of the size of the screen only.The screens in between the primary and the secondary crusher help in separating the oversize.The oversize goes to the secondary crusher while the undersize is discharged through a chute on to the same conveyor belt, which receives the discharge from the secondary crusher.This saves considerable power in the second crushing stage and also increases the capacity of the secondary crusher, as it eliminates possible choking of material in the crusher, particularly during wet weather or wet material.Screening is generally classified into two types.(i) coarse screening, which is achieved through grizzlies, vibratory screens, revolving screens or shaking screens.(ii) fine screening which is achieved through vibrating screens, shaking screens.Brief description of various screening technologies is given below.Vibrating screens save space and weight, and operate on little power because the screening surface may be actuated by vibrating, gyrating or pulsating movement of small amplitude, but at frequencies that normally exceed 3000 cycles per minute.Combination of frequency of vibration (speed) and amplitude (throw), affects performance of any vibrating screen.A correct combination of slope and direction of mechanism of rotation is vital for inclined screens.The larger the opening the greater the amplitude needed for a screen.Vibrating screens are mainly divided into two classes.Mechanically vibrated and electrically vibrated.The mechanical shaking screen comprises of a rectangular frame with perforated steel or wire cloth.It is usually inclined and suspended on loose rods or cables.They are used mainly for special tasks of coarse screening.The screening media that are normally in use are of many classes.Following are some of the commonly used media in the stone crushing industry.Sand washer:http://www.Hxjq-crusher.Com/16.Htmlclassifier:http://www.Hxjqchina.Com/product-list_37.Htmlrotary dryer:http://www.Hxjq-crusher.Com/21.Html.

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