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Aga Laser Cutting Machine

China weapons physics and chemistry institute, founded in 1958, part of the china weapons industries group corporation, has more than 2,000 employees, professional scientific and technical personnel make up more than 70% , with the state key laboratory of national, innovation-oriented enterprises, international cooperation base and so on, 13 national r & d platform.Aga laser was established in 1995, devoted to develop and product the civil supplies.In 1999, involved in laser research and applications, provided the laser equipment and complete solutions for the customers in printing and packaging, metal processing, advertising and other industries with strong technical advantage, economic strength, many years of experience in r & d and production, relentless innovation.Aga laser is the most comprehensive and advanced laser equipment manufacturer in china.The main product: many different kinds of power laser engraving machine , laser cutting machine and 80w-800w laser tubes.Laser cutting machine aga-1212ad: for a long time, acrylic cutting have been using the belt drive laser cutting machine.Belt machine failure rate, low accuracy, cut quality is poor, can not be long-term use has been plaguing customers.Today, they do not meet the market demand.In order to solve customers' problems, research and development.Aga-1212ad series laser cutting machine.The aga-1212ad series using ball screw drive, servo motor drive, completely solve so many problems in the belt machine and the cutting quality and service life come into a new level.In 2009xxxx series was promoted to the market, quality and service life have been validated.,aga-1212ad series solved the high-end customer demand in acrylic market, in the long running, it will be recognized by all customers.Product features: 1.Imported and domestically produced high-quality 100w, 150w, 260wdc-type co2 glass laser tube; 2.High quality precision screw rail transmission system; 3.Imported japan's mitsubishi servo drive system; 4.The reasonable structure design make the machine with high rigidity characteristics; 5.Up and down stand-alone type smoking exhaust system, make the effect of the device pumping smoking get unexpected results; 6.Strict and scientific assembly process control to ensure precision and performance of the machine; 7.Offline control unit.Metal laser cutting machine aga-1530m: 1.Main cutting metal:carbon steel; stainless steel;2.Max cutting thickness:carbon steel 6mm;stainless steel 4mm;3.Laser power: 400w;600w;800w;4.Working area: 1250mm×2500mm 1250mm×3000mm;5.Some parts are imported such as: guides(taiwan),servo motor(japan), laser tube lens(usa),laser cutting head(usa);6,adopt co2 dc excitative 400-800w laser tube made by ourself,working stable,good laser beam model;7,path of laser beam compensate system,realize the laser facult aways the same, focus invariable;8,high quality optical device, cooling system by chiller, protect the lens effectively;9,imported servo motor, moving stable;10,cast iron structure of machine tools, laser generator is separate from machine tools, working without shake, electronic interference;11,adopt automatic focus adjust system, high precision for cutting;12,working without waitting, without pre-heating, low power consumption,low cost;13,apply metal cutting for sheet metal industry, machinery industry, hardware processing, advertisement industry.

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