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Allocation Guide For Basalt Material Processing Plant Design

Basalt is a common ore in real life, which is widely distributed.It is usually considered as an importance source of construction aggregate in construction engineering, which is also the aim of this paper to only introduce the investment and equipment allocation of basalt (including similar diabase) for manufacturing stone material in sand material plant.According to encyclopedia, basalt is a harder stone with bulk density of 2.8~3.3g/cm3, compressive strength of denser is high, which is up to 300mpa, sometimes more higher, intensity is lower when it exists in glassiness and blow hole.Basalt is high in durability, more joints, joint surface is more shaped in hexagon.Also, it is with fragility, so it is uneasy to mine lump stone material, due to blow hole and amygdaloidal structure is very common, although basalt is widely distributed on the surface of the ground, less of them can be uses as facing stone.Basalt and diabase belong to the material which is more higher in hardness, high content of silicon, also difficult to crush in actual crushing operation.Therefore, the design for crushing basalt/diabase should be reasonable.Investment cost of crushing item should be took into consideration, as well as production cost of crushing production line during the process of invest and construction.In practical crushing, some customer's raw material is limestone, wearing consumption of jaw plates for jaw crusher is very low, it is very common that the service life of a pair of jaw plates is up to one year.Because limestone is not only low in hardness (4~5 grade), but also low in silicon content in stone material, it has lower corrosive to wearing parts of crusher.In crushing operation with raw material of basalt/diabase, the wear and tear of jaw plate, plate hammer, impact plate, etc is very high.Customer's production cost is highly greater than that of limestone.Therefore, as the design of crushing technique, crushing equipment with lamination principle should be selected as best as we can to reduce the wear and tear of wear resistance parts.Typical allocation of lamination is equipped with two-stage jaw crusher or jaw crusher plus cone crusher.If customer has high requirement for final stone material grain, another impact crusher can be quipped to carry through integral crushing, thus it forms the process configuration of three-stage crushing.Three-stage crushing will definitely result in increasing in investment cost, but for the long-run stone material plant, the production cost that reduced by three-stage crushing is considerable.For the specific design, it should be analyze according to the actual condition of customers.For the low requirement for granularity of many stone material, users are willing to establish production line with jaw crusher, fine jaw crusher/spring cone crusher.Because jaw crusher and spring cone crusher all belong to lamination principle, less wear and tear of wear resistance parts, and production cost is low.But, also because of lamination principle, it leads to the granularity of crushed stone is not good, content of needle and flake is high, internal crack of stone is very serious, all of which can not be accepted by high grade building, so the market price is cheaper than impact stone material.Basalt crusherthe prominent characteristic of impact crusher is to produce stone material with good granularity, which has the double performance of crushing and integer; good grain stone can increase weighted performance to buildings, which has good price in market, of course, wear and tear of wear resistance parts of impact crusher has higher cost than that of fine jaw crusher and cone crusher with same output of impact crusher.Flat-elongated stone and primal smooth stone in nature is hard to achieve the mechanical performance that multi-prismatic cube stone material can form.Therefore, impact crusher is mainly used in stone crushing field for building, providing excellent grain stone material to highway, railway, airport, dock and high-rise buildings.If market has some requirements to final stone grain, and users want to reduce the ton cost of wear resistance, rough jaw crusher + fine jaw crusher/cone crusher can be considered as the first crushing and second crushing, impact crusher is placed in the third crushing to achieve aim of integer.This not only reduces the wear cost of impact crusher, but also obtain stone material with good grain.

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