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An Interesting Story Of Gold Searching In Alaska

On those seldom-seen days in this region when the sun comes out, the inside passage of alaska displays rare vistas that have been obscured by fog for weeks.Rainfall reaches 200 inches in some years.Sunny days thus would prompt me to lock the doors to the alaska territorial assay office and to venture alone into the far wilderness in my boat at high speed in my life-long search for gold.Earlier years had been spent preparing for the quest, studying and working at the assaying, mining, and metallurgy of the precious metal in well-known mines and colleges of the american west.Alaska"s frontier became the forge which shaped my skills and individuality.The challenge to produce something useful to society from untouched regions went hand in hand with a concern for the undefended vastness and the impact mining activity might have on its grandeur.My boat trip led from ketchikan to all the land i could quickly reach by water.The arc of blue sky above me, the green adorning the land around me, the silvery darkness of the sea split by the arrow of the boat"s white wake, lured me far from my home port.The forests i reached had no human footprints or memory of them.Deer and black bear roamed these woods.The gray wolf was present but seldom seen.Sounds were of wind whistling through tall treetops, of water rushing to reach the sea, of the loon"s cry from its watery home, and of waves lapping against rocky beaches.My only companion on these journeys was duke, a mackenzie husky of unfettered eagerness.With the boat beached or anchored nearby, duke and i examined the exposed geology and rock along the shoreline.Inland exploration was hampered by the thick carpet of muskeg covering everything, including rock outcrops.The muskeg was a dense tangle of roots, vines, plants, bushes, leaves, and evergreen needles.The banner year, the year of my find, was one of gradual, step-by-step success.The first indication was a pathfinder to gold rather than the mineral itself.I found pieces and chunks of white quartz on one bank of a river flowing into the salt water.Little vugs crushed by sand maker in the whiteness had a story to tell of former occupants long oxidized out of existence, departed metallic compounds often found with gold.A mile into the sitka spruce rain forest from the river, through devil" s club thorny growth and fallen five-foot-thick rotting trees, i found pieces of native gold lying on the rock shelf beside a log-cluttered stream.The loose nuggets and flakes and jaw crusher had washed down from the hillside or from upstream.Pieces of accompanying white quartz identical to those along the river let me know a vein existed someplace between the two waterways.Ball mills:http://www.Hxjq-crusher.Com/20.Html cement mill:http://www.Crusher-machine.Com/23.Html.

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