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Analysis Features Of Jaw Crushers At Home And Abroad

Jaw style crushing machine is referred to as jaw crusher, an indispensable equipment of sand stone production line.Jaw crusher is currently the most widely used crusher, great crushing ratio, uniform finished product size, low operation cost, simple structure, convenient repair, include fine jaw crusher and coarse jaw crusher, breaking strength is 350 mpa, pe-900 * 1200 type jaw crusher produced by shanghai yiding heavy mining equipment manufacturing company limited is the deep cavity crusher equipment, long stroke, in favor of crushing material, compared with similar products, more capacity.The jaw crusher performance: jaw crusher main technical parameter is the processing capacity and the maximum allowable size of feeding material.The same specifications of jaw crusher with different design, the maximum permissible feed size is not the same, our reference by soviet standards, inlet width to the fixed tooth plate teeth ( tooth ) and the movable tooth plate tooth ( teeth ) distance is calculated and the international standards, many enterprises with a fixed tooth plate and the movable tooth plate calculating distance between, therefore, indicate the same specifications of the products, the domestic product and foreign enterprises compared to the products actually tend to a depth of tooth distance, large size crusher tooth depth 60-100mm, consequently domestic product allows feeding size is often too small 50-80mm.Jaw crusher discharging mouth can be adjusted, different discharge mouth corresponding to different processing capacity.Therefore, in comparing the processing ability, should determine the gape size the same.Jaw crusher design and manufacturing process : in the past 20 years, according to the jaw crusher exercise method for four bar linkage mechanism design theory has great progress.For example: the crushing cavity two-way nip angle, short toggle big swing angle, reduce the transmission angle and eccentricity, foreign company providing products often have adopted these proven advanced design theory to improve product performance and reliability.China's domestic manufacturers for a variety of reasons to adopt advanced design theory is very little, the main product is almost nineteen seventies before stereotypes products, the use of wear-resistant materials, (such as high manganese steel ) and supporting parts ( such as roller bearings) and other domestic foundation, the service life is lower than the international advanced level of similar products.In addition, the host plant of the processing and assembly process for many years and have less change, such as bearing, bearing seat hole processing assembly process and machine processing and assembly etc.Jaw crusher specification: jaw crusher with feeding length and width to calibration machine specifications, manufacturers are basically according to the industry standard for manufacturing about 8 kinds of specifications of coarse crushing series products.The major international manufacturers have more specifications.At present mainly the lack of large specifications: to feed inlet above 750mmx1060mm for industry, shanghai tripod heavy mining equipment manufacturing company limited launched a new pe-1200mm * 1500mm type jaw crusher with large varieties complete specifications, so that large gravel field construction can choose appropriate initial breaking device.In the design and production of large jaw crusher, shanghai tripod heavy mining equipment manufacturing co., the company has been at the leading domestic level.As the company's leading products, jaw crusher is mainly used in the crushing production line the first crushing process, can be used alone, can also be broken and other products supporting the use of.Source from: news/ydm.

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