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Analysis Of The Factors Affecting The Life Of Impact Crusher

Analysis of the factors affecting the life of impact crusher impact crusher is one of the most important crushing equipment which is widely used in mining, chemical, metallurgy,cement rotary kiln building materials, electricity and other industries.The hammer is the main wear parts, its quality direct impact the crushing efficiency of impact crusher.In addition to being hit, the hammer is also impacted by the material during crushing stones.So after long-term repeated use,vibrating screen the hammer's surface will change.Currently the majority of hammer is made of high-manganese steel.Because the poor abrasion resistance, bad wear-resistant and short life of this material,cement mill the hammer needs to be replaced frequently.The key factors affecting the life of hammer: first is the hammerhead structure and material quality.Structure of manufacturing material directly impacts the mechanical properties after heat treatment.Designing reasonable casting process and heat treatment process is the effective method to deal with the fracture of hammerhead in the initial period.Cement rotary kiln font-size: 11pt">second is the power and speed of impact crusher rotor.In the technical parameters of impact crusher,jaw breakers the power and speed of hammer crusher rotor is related to the degree of hardening of the hammer impact, thereby affecting the life of the hammerhead.Third, the size and hardness of material.The size and hardness of material should be proportional to the demand of hammer material.Cement mill different physical properties of materials require different kinds of hammer, which is helpful to extend the life of hammer crusher.Fourth is the internal gap size of impact crusher.The main internal sizes of hammer crusher include the gap between switch and back panels, and the gap between grate and hammerhead.The gap size depends on whether there are materials in the gate and safety door.If the materials exist, the hammer cannot depress the stones from the grate that will cause serious frictional wear.Rotary dryer therefore, we must often adjust the gap in the use process.We should make sure the gap is always in an appropriate range.It also has other factors affecting the life of impact crusher in fact; the above factors are based on the henan hongxing mining machinery co., ltd.Years of hammer crusher production experience and the summary of customer feedback.I hope this article can help more and more hammer crusher users.The more information, you can consult the expert.Iron ore concentrator:www.China-crusher.Com/ore-beneficiation.Htmlcement making plant:www.Hxjqcrusher.Com/crusher/cement-making-plant.Htmlrotary dryers:www.Hxjqcrusher.Com/dryer.Html.

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