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Analysis On Current Conditions And Prospects Of Mechanism Industry

Henan hongxing mining machinery co., ltd., a perfect production technology and scientific methods of quality control, strict management system and efficient staff incentives.Product quality is the life, the main products crusher, ball mill, processing equipment, rotary kiln, dryer, etc.The quality of service is to ensure continuity, the company has an experienced, highly skilled service team department of follow-up service across the country over the operation.The current international financial crisis from the essence of economic development have a certain impact; machinery industry, irrational industrial structure, growth pattern, deep-seated contradictions, problems and constraints of direct mining machinery industry's sustainable development; china mining machinery industry is a qualitative change in the industry toward a critical stage.From a policy perspective, the mining machinery industry must further implement the 'two restructuring and revitalization plan', a long-term, reinforce the innovation-driven, endogenous growth based on the crisis to seize the high ground after the show times.1©adjust the structure, the development of mining machinery industry is imperative to accelerate structural adjustment mining machinery industry is the main task of structural adjustment: the use of information technology to upgrade traditional, improved production and processing of automation, information and intelligence; the use of high-tech, advanced use of technology to enhance product quality, promoting the integration of information technology and industrialization; rely on national major science and technology projects and major technical equipment, mining machinery machine to break the constraints of the development of core technology, key technology and key equipment, key parts of the research and development to enhance international competitiveness; development of green to create low-carbon technologies, energy efficiency should be put on the market, water, materials, high efficiency, low emission of mechanical and electrical products, in line with policy and market development needs of the environment-friendly, intelligent, digital high-value-added products, to meet the user needs to provide efficient, high-parameter, integrated and flexible of equipment and production lines; accelerate the development of high-tech cluster to support the new energy, new materials, new technologies, information technology, environmental protection and other new development; accelerate the development of modern service industry created to support the development of comparative advantage in labor-intensive; acceleration out and update the high energy consumption, high pollution, a serious drain on resources behind the product, building a resource-saving and environment-friendly.2) the adjustment of product structure, improve product quality of growth mining machinery industry restructuring, changes in development, and ultimately reflected in the product structure adjustment and growth quality.Mining equipment industry restructuring main ways: national-level, industry-level engineering research and development centers, laboratories as the backbone, common industrial development spread technology development alliance, as soon as possible to establish independent innovation system and play a role; to break the constraints of the transformation and upgrading of key technologies accelerate china's mining machinery industry by the technology imitation, innovation and technology to track the technology, technology integration, and from limited to middle and low end equipment, leading technology and equipment to enter; henan hongxing mining machinery co., ltd., followed by social development and needs and improve sets of major technical equipment, there are crusher equipment, water processing equipment, flotation equipment, grading equipment, magnetic separation equipment, screening equipment, high technology and the level of autonomy; investment in fixed assets and technological innovation should pay more attention to specific aspects of content development and investment, focusing on human resources, management, etc.To enhance the soft power continuously for light industries and provide intellectual support.

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