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Application Of Decayed Sand

Decayed sand is a middle product in the process of surface rock weathering, its durability is worse than general earth material and its physical and mechanical properties are less stable.Its features are that the grains are sharp edges form, strength is weak, the size of uneven distribution of large and contains a amount of fine soil grains.Its physical characteristics: we made test and research on various of road-use characteristics of its physical and mechanical properties and cement stabilization, and the result shows that cement stabilization decayed sand has excellent mechanical properties and its application prospective will be very wide.More than decayed sand of granite gneiss and flash long gneiss, this kind of strong weathering of gneiss dig loose and transport by the explosion, become loose wind fossil slag or stone foaming.It has the very strong water resistance and can be used as building sand.Its consolidation also faster, can be used as a good permeable material or half permeable material.Run over with flat or ram plate compaction a can achieve good effect, its rolling can add water (such as yahe-kou), also can not add water (such as nine songshan, white lotus river, dahuofang, etc.).With abundant resources for the raw material with material taking convenience, low cost, reuse, technology is reasonable, the characteristics of the feasible in technology.Its compressibility, composed by the weak in mineral (especially mica) content has great influence, when pressure in 1 to 3 kg/cm2, the compression coefficient is 0.005 ~ 0.05 cm roughly 2 / kg range, starting with pore decreases sharply lower than, when vertical lotus major 2 ~ 3 kg/cm2, they changed little.Mica content more, not only make its compression increase, also hard to compaction; and compaction water saturation may expand.So not be used much more content of mica build far dam.Manufacturing and technological process: this production line is mainly composed of jaw crusher, sand maker and belt conveyor.Firstly the rock is preliminarily crushed by the primary breaker, and then the formed coarse material is transported by the traveling apron to the rotary screen for screening.As for the qualified material, it will be directly conveyed to the sand washing machine for water washing, and the unqualified material screened will transported to the sand making equipment for crushing, and the material that has reached the finished products granularity standard will be sent to the washing machine for cleaning, after that, the final products will be discharged and transported to the manufacturing companies all over the country.Jaw crusher: http://www.Crusher-machine.Com/1.Htmlsand maker: http://www.Crusher-machine.Com/18.Html.

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