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Are You Making These Common Braai Mistakes

Contrary to popular belief, braaiing a piece of meat to perfection is not as simple as it sounds.Even those who are self-proclaimed 'braai masters' may be making a few of these costly, common mistakes.Read on to find out how to rectify these errors and master the art of the grill.The braai is too hot a hot braai means that the meat will cook faster, right? wrong.Cooking meat on a high temperature means that the exterior portion will cook quickly, while the interior portion will remain raw.A medium heat is always your best option.Turning the meat too often not only will this lengthen the amount of cooking time that is required, it will negatively affect the flavour of your meat.Turn over only once or twice for best results.Not using enough seasoning salt, pepper and a savoury seasoning mix make all the difference when it comes to improving the taste of the meat.Even if a piece of meat is cooked well, it is always underwhelming if the flavour is lacking.So be generous with your seasoning and be sure to marinade before grilling, if possible.Not using olive oil it is easy for food to stick to the braai if you have neglected to lubricate it with a bit of olive oil beforehand.In order to avoid frustration and a nasty mess, simply brush the grill with olive oil right before it's time to start cooking.Poking with a fork poking an item with a fork allows you to check whether or not the item is done.However, many people use this technique way too often, which can cause the meat to completely lose its juices.In order to avoid this, only check for doneness once you are almost certain that it is time to remove the item from the braai.Also, never press on the item with a spatula in order to speed up the cooking process! cooking meat when still frozen this is never a good idea as it can result in tough, stringy meat that is never satisfying.Instead, take your steaks, sausages etc.Out of the freezer at least an hour before it is time to grill.They should be at room temperature before throwing them onto the braai.Now that you know what to avoid, it is time to show off your skills and provide your family and friends with a braai meal that they will not be quick to forget! 1 sources 1 http://www.Mh.Co.Za/food/10-tips-for-the-perfect-braai/.

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