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Attention Needs To Pay To Maintenance Of Crusher

In the stone production and manufacturing line, the equipment that is relatively frequently used is crushing machine, of which there is jaw crushing machine used for coarse stone crushing, impact breaking machine used for secondary crushing or heavy stone crushing machine for one-time breaking.Sometimes according to the technical requirement, the production line needs to configure impact breaking equipment.For this reason, in this manufacturing line, most of the maintenance work of the equipment refers to the maintenance work of the crushing devices.Only doing this part of job well can make sure the job of keeping the stone processing line in good condition to go well.Next, we will analyze this part of work from the following three aspects: (1) maintenance of bearings: the bearing part is the most easily broken part, in actual use, the wear is relatively big, so it needs frequent maintenance, only by refueling can increase the service life of the bearings.(2) daily maintenance: it is done in order to make sure the crusher is in good state for technology and can put into operation at any time, reduce downtime, improve the utilization rate of pipe, reduce crusher wear and prolong service life; regular and periodic service is necessary and sometimes it may need to be done with an order.An enterprise should correctly deal with the relationship of use maintenance and repair and only use or repair is not allowed.(3) lubrication aspect: often paying attention and timely do the lubrication work to the friction surface can make sure the jaw crusher operates normally and extends its service life.The lubricating grease added into the bearing pedestal should be 50-70 percent of the volume and it should be changed every three months.When changing oil, the technician should use clean gasoline or kerosene to carefully clean the runway of the bearing roller.If the toggle plate touches the toggle plate mat, lubricating grease should be injected before the crusher is operated.When it is necessary, or desirable, to operate a gyratory crusher at discharge settings below the minimum standard, the safe procedure is to fit the machine with a reduced throw eccentric.The crusher manufacturer will be able to advise the operator about these special throws for machines of his make.If a reduced throw eccentric is installed, the capacity at any given setting will drop off approximately in direct proportion to the reduction in throw.In some cases it is possible to compensate, partially at least, for this drop-off by speeding up the machine.Here, again, the manufacturer will be able to advise the operator as to the maximum safe speed for any particular impact crusher of his line.Impact crusher:http://www.Crusher-machine.Com/2.Html ball mill:http://www.Crusher-machine.Com/21.Html.

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