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Ball Mill Manufacturer India

Grinding instruments are used in so many industries to shape out or cut or crush the material.It is also used to make desired finished results for varied kinds of materials.Ball mills are used to obtain fine grinding of hard material.It is used for vast range of materials.There may be different kinds of set ups of ball mills for different materials.It can be set to get continuous production as well as batch type operation for the materials to be ground.To cover most assortments of materials, it is manufactured with best grade materials.Continuous ball mill ball mill is one kind of cylindrical grinder.To offer high maintenance to the mill, it is provided with best grade material.Inner surface of the cylinder is build with abrasion resistant material.It contains three different compartments for gradual grinding of the material.It also contains screens.It is provided with hollow trunnion at the both ends of the machine for the easy feed and discharge of the material.It is provided with diaphragm to control retention time and to regulate the material level.Replaceable liners are used as media for the grinding.It is varied types of balls preferably made from stainless steel, rubber and other metals with respect to material to be ground.Material is continuously fed at the one end the cylinder and discharge at the other end.Due to its continuous types of operations, it is named continuous ball mill.First and second compartments are considered as primary grinding compartments.First compartment contains large diameter balls in order to decrease particle size of material.Material passed through first compartment and send further to second compartment that contains lesser size of the ball.Then material is lastly sent further to third compartment for final grinding.It contains very small sized balls to obtain fine grinding result.Ball mill is provided with two fixed tires at the both end of the cylinder.There is a firm support to rollers.Mill rotates on the axis.Mill rotates on two tiers and four rollers.It is provided with girth gear and efficient gear box and motor.Batch type ball mill batch type ball mill is also offered by ball mill manufacturer with varied choices as per demand.Used for grinding of speckled materials, batch type ball mill is also used to mix the material homogeneously.It is extensively used for the pigments, ceramics, dyes and minerals.It contains rotary drum along with grinding media.Rotary drum is used to mixing as well as grinding the material.Both processes carried out simultaneously.It is provided with inlet and outlet connections with essential accessories of best quality material.Application it is generally used for the industries like cement, fertilizer, building material, glass, metal, silicate products, and ceramics.It is also used for pencil, marbles, coal, paint and several chemicals.Advantages ball is preferably used for grinding due to its economic performance with respect to power and maintenance.It is also proven very cost-effective about installation and grinding media.It is been effective for materials contains more hardness.

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