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Ball Mill Omens

Shanghai zenith machinery co., ltd is a professional producer of ball mill, crushers, and dryers.To help you better maintain the ball mill and keep a longer service time, the omens of ball mill "bulging" is shown as follows: omens of ball mill "bulging": the outlet stops discharging; the sound goes stuffy and small; the electric current becomes small.Many operators and engineers hold the wrong idea that the electric current becomes high when ball mill is filled with too many materials too.Actually when the many materials enter the ball mill, the size of output increases.As a result, the electric power, which changes into kinetic energy of ball mill, decreases and the electric current becomes low accordingly.Zenith machinery owns an experienced and skilled sales and service team which compose a perfect service network.We will send the professional engineers to the installation sites and provide guidance for the installation, commissioning and initial run as well as planning administration of the equipments after purchase.Any time you have technical problems concerning ball mill in the process, please don't hesitate to call henan zenith machinery co., ltd.We will try our best to help.The ways to increase the ball mill capacity is offered by henan bailing machinery co.,ltd.There are three ways as follows to help the customer to improve the capacity of ball mill.1.Before the material enters the ball mill, they can be crushed to an appropriate size because the feeding size of the material has a great effect on the capacity.So if we place a crusher before a ball mill, the capacity can be greatly increased.2.We can increase the performance of the whole grinding system by improving the grinding technology.3.We can increase the efficiency of powder collector, so less and less materials that meet our requirement will return to grinding cavity for regrinding and the load of the grinder decreases.Bailing machinery is trying its best to advance the capacity of ball mill.Our engineer is improving the technology and meeting the customers' demands to a large extent.If you have any doubt, or are interested in our product – ball mill.We will be at your service.

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