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Ball Mill Pineapple Tooth Common Faults

The little pineapple tooth surface abrasion the gear wheel surface generally presents bubbling, peeling, scallops, and such corrosive pitting phenomenon.Besides the little pineapple tooth surface temperature is high which makes the coal grinding ball mill gear teeth attrition condition seriously.The reasons are as follows: (1).The alignment pin problem: it is regulated that the temperature difference measured along the little cutter teeth width should be no more than and the highest temperature on the tooth surface should be no more than 100 hit the alignment pin in after the intervals between each part is normal.One of the reasons for the ball mill tooth surface attrition is that the alignment pin is not hit due to the great work amount which is also the reason why some individual little cutter teeth surface is high and the two ends temperature difference is relatively large.(2)the coal grinding ball mill protection cover sealing is not good.There is no sealing on the association point of activity and inertia between the coal mill hollow shaft and shelter which speed up the ash entering to the big pineapple.The preheater of the boiler is the three branch warehouse, with one way the secondary air of the blower, one way the primary air of the primary air fan.As the primary air pressure is over-high, it blows down the ash accumulated from the smoke side carrying by the preheater heating surface and takes it away.The pipeline weld bond of the hot air system is unqualified which leads to serious leakage.The ash then enters to the wheel gear shield and speed up its attrition.2.The little pineapple snaggletooth in the daily use of ball mill, the little pineapple snaggletooth happens most often, the reasons are as follows: (1).The little pineapple design strength is weak, and the manufacturing quality requirements is relatively low.(2).The lubricating of the little pineapple is bad, the mesh is bad which lead to localized wear, bubbling, and material quality coming off.The local stress concentration is worsened which speed up the snaggletooth.(3).Supercharge caused by the too many steel balls added into the coal ball mill in production primary which lead to the coal ball mill electric current reaches to 130a.Decrease the steel ball loading capacity, keeping the current at around 120a.

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