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Barite Feldspar Crushing Grinding Machine Manufacturer

Feldspar is used to make dinnerware and bathroom and building tiles.In ceramics and glass production, feldspar is used as a flux.A flux is a material that lowers the melting temperature of another material, in this case, glass etc.Feldspar : a rock-forming mineral, industrially important in glass and ceramic industries, pottery and enamelware, soaps, abrasives, bond for abrasive wheels, cements and concretes, insulating compositions, fertilizer, poultry grit, tarred roofing materials, and as a sizing (or filler) in textiles and paper.Albite is a feldspar mineral and is a sodium aluminum silicate.This form of feldspar is used as a glaze in ceramics.Feldspars are relatively hard at 6 on mohs' hardness scale.Feldspars are generally light-colored, including white, pink, tan, green, or gray.The color varies due to impurities within the crystal structure.Feldspar is the mineral that gives granite its pink, green or gray color.When feldspar weathers from igneous or metamorphic rocks, it can accumulate as sand.It is, however, easily weathered, and eventually will break down into clay.Feldspar is mined from large granite bodies, from pegmatites, and from sands composed mostly of feldspar.Because feldspar is such a large component of the earth's crust, it is assumed that the supply of feldspar is more than adequate to meet demand for a very long time to come.It is so abundant that geologists and economists have not even compiled data on potential deposits of feldspar for future consumption.Present mines worldwide are adequately meeting the need for raw feldspar.Barite is kind of non-metallic mineral products which take the barium sulfate (baso4) as the main component.Pure barite is colorless and transparent, while generally the mineral rocks are white, light yellow with glass gloss.Barite can be used as white pigments (commonly known as lithopone).Also the barite can be used in chemical, paper making, textile filler.In glass production it can act as a flux and increase the brightness of glass.The most important application for the barite rocks is as a weighting agent used in drilling and refining industry to refine barium.For barite quarry or mining, it's important to design and choose suitable barite crushing plant including barite crusher and barite grinding machine.When choosing the right barite crusher, you should consider the reduction ratio according to the requirement of the barite crushing system.If you need big reduction ratio, it's better to choose hammer crusher and impact crusher.The reduction ratio of these barite crushers are generally 10~35.After primary crush by the barite crushers, you can install barite grinding machine which is decided according to the final particle size requirement.For barite further grinding, there are ball mill, coal mill, raymond mill, coarse powder grinding mill, etc.To separate different sizes of barite final products, vibrating mobile screen is usually playing its great role.All in all, to design a complete barite crushing plant, you need to choose a suitable mining equipment manufacturer.Apart from the high quality barite crushing equipment and barite grinding machine, perfect services are also important.

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