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Basalt Crusher Grinder Machine For Sale

Asalt is also common in reality a kind of ore, distributed more widely.In construction works, as it is often an important source of construction aggregate.This is the reason why this article only describes the basalt (including diabase similar) in the stones factory used to produce stone of the purpose of investment and device configuration.According to bai ke records, basalt stones is a high hardness, bulk density of 2.8 ~ 3.3g/cm3, compression strength were very dense, up to 300mpa, and sometimes higher, there is strength when the vitreous and the holes have reduced.Basalt, high durability, multi-jointed, and the joint surface as large as hexagons.Possessed brittle, and thus not easily mined by large stone, the pore structure and almond common, although widely distributed on the basalt surface, but can be used for small decorative stone.Basalt, diabase are high hardness and high silicon content in the actual crushing operations are more difficult to break, broken, or higher-cost materials.Popular speaking, basalt and diabase are hard and tough material, and a high silicon content.Therefore, the basalt / diabase of the crushing process to design a reasonable, investment in building stones factory, consider breaking the project's investment costs, we must consider the broken lines of production costs.In the actual crushing operations, some customers of raw materials is limestone, jaw broken jaw plate loss is very low, a jaw plate up to one year of life is a very common phenomenon.This is because the hardness of the limestone is not only very low (4 to 5), and low silicon content in the stone, crusher wear parts of the abrasive is very low.Basalt crushermaterial is basalt / diabase crushing operations, jaw plates, plate hammer, impact plate and other wear parts consumption is very high.The customer's cost of production is far greater than the production cost of limestone.Therefore, we break the design process, the selection of laminate theory as broken equipment, to reduce the loss of wear-resistant parts.A typical device configuration is two laminated broken jaw or cone crusher jaw crushed plus the process configuration.If the customer based on the final stone tablets have high requirements, we can then configure a back-breaking for cosmetic broken, thus forming a three-stage crushing process configuration.Three-stage crushing will inevitably lead to higher costs of investment projects, but for long-term operation of the stones factory, three sections of broken lower cost of production is very impressive.Specifically how to design according to customer's actual situation analysis.In many less demanding on the stone tablets of stone field type, the user is willing to use the jaw crusher, fine jaw crusher of / spring cone crusher with a way to set up production lines.Because broken jaw and cone crusher are all laminated spring principle, wear the wear is relatively small, relatively low production costs also.However, because of lamination theory, will lead to broken stone grain type is not very good, elongated stone content is relatively high, more serious cracks within the stone, is a high-grade buildings do not want to accept, so the market price of more back stone cheap.Crusher greatest feature is the ability to produce high-quality grain type of stone, have broken with the dual integer performance; grain type can give a good stone building to increase the force to better performance, higher price in the market of course, back-breaking cost of wearing parts than wear the same type of jaw-breaking production of thin, high cone break.Elongated smooth stone and natural stone in the building the original use of multi-row cubic stone that can be difficult to achieve the formation of mechanical properties.Therefore, impact crusher is mainly used for construction of stone crushing site for roads, railways, airports, terminals, high-rise buildings to provide high-quality grain-based stone.Basalt grinding process plantif the market for the product type of stone tablets have certain requirements, the user wants to reduce the cost of wearing parts of tons, can be considered coarse + fine broken jaw broken jaw / cone break as the first break with two broken, crusher on the first three broken positions, primarily as the integer purposes.This not only reduces wear and tear costs of back-breaking, grain shape can be a good stone.

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