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Beach Short Sleeve T Shirts And Other Items To Pack For Your Seaside Vacation

Whether you are heading for the beach for three days or a week, there are a few essentials that you shouldn't leave your home without.1.The right kind of footwear: you can buy online massage flip flops, lightweight slippers or fast-drying sandals to wear near the sea.It is important to make sure that the footwear is comfortable, durable and fine to wear near water.Quality and fit would matter as much as style, if you want to have a good time walking on the beach or getting closer to the sea.It goes without saying that high-heels are a big no.2.Beach short sleeve t-shirts: t-shirts that are specially meant to be beachwear are the best clothing options to pack when you plan a seaside vacation.These tend to dry faster and wick moisture away from your body quickly.You could also pack long-sleeved beach t-shirts and hoodies.3.Eyewear: you would need these at all times to protect your eyes from the dust and sunlight.If you could get eyewear straps, that would be the best as you would be able to wear your glasses and shades while indulging in water sports of any kind.It is better to go for hydrophobic lenses, if you can't do without your glasses.4.Tunics and swimwear: tunics can be worn both during the daytime and post sunset.Also, they are light in weight so packing these would save you much of the hassle.If you plan to swim in the sea, pack swimwear according to the water type and water flow.5.An extra bag: this would be helpful to carry your spare clothes and towels to and from the beach.Also, if you end up shopping, you would find it very helpful if you already carry a spare bag along.6.Hair-dryer: the salt water from the hair should be washed off as soon as possible and a hair dryer would be a smart, time-saving item to pack along.If you are taking pets or children along, this would be all the more necessary to dry their fur and hair off immediately and save them from catching a cold.7.Plastic wraps: these come handy on every trip.When it comes to the beach, you can use them to keep your gadgets safe from sand and water.Apart from that, these can be used to carry cosmetics in the bag so that any leakage does not spoil the rest of your luggage.

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