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Becoming A Braai Champion

Manning the braai is a sacred duty.Only the best men are chosen for this task.Being a braai master means having focus, passion and perfect timing.In order to become the ultimate braai master, you need to practice.You need to prove your worth to all of the braai masters out there and show them that you are deserving of the tongs.Here are some few tips to change your status from 'braai rookie' to 'braai champion'.Braai tips as a rookie, you may struggle to get the fire going.After assembling the charcoal and the wood, and adding the firelighter, sprinkle some sugar and then light the fire.Sugar burns at a high temperature, so you'll have a good fire going in no time.Before attempting to put the meat on the braai, clean the braai grid with half an onion and half a lemon once the grid catches some heat.A braai champion will be impressed when he sees you doing this as the onion and the lemon will not only ensure that everything is clean, but will also act as a flavour enhancer once the meat hits the braai.Once you're ready to put the meat on the braai, make sure that it's seasoned properly.A good braai seasoning mix should do the trick.Shake things up by adding peri-peri seasoning to the chicken, or chilli beef seasoning to the steak.Your braai meat must appear on the grid in a specific order.The chicken should be added to the grill first because it takes longer to cook.If you want to reduce the time that it needs on the braai, you can parboil the chicken before marinating and spicing it up.Steak requires the shortest cooking time, so it can be put onto the grill last.You can add the wors, lamb chops, and whatever else you might be braaiing, in between.Once you're done with your first batch of meat, rest it in a bed of sauteed onions to ensure that it doesn't dry up.Wors is famous for bursting on the flame, losing its juices and drying out.To prevent this, dip it in cold water just before placing it on the flame.The water improves the elasticity of the skin and prevents it from bursting open on the flame.To decrease the amount of smoke, place a fireproof container filled with water near the charcoal.When the water starts to boil, the steam will help to decrease the intensity of the flame.Remember never to leave the braai unattended.If you need a drink, ask a friend to get you one or place a cooler box filled with your favourite drinks next to you.Manning the braai should not be taken lightly.It's the most important thing that a man does after being a father and a husband.Feeding your friends and family tasty, well prepared meat should be seen as an honour.If you practice all of this, you'll be well on your way to becoming a master of the braai.

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