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Belt Conveyor Machinery

The belt conveyor is a continuous traction transport by the conveyor belt doubles as a carrying device that can transport ore, coal and other bulk materials and packaged into items.Because of its transport capacity and small transport resistance , low power consumption, stable operation, little damage and advantages of the materials in transit, is widely used in sectors of national economies.The belt conveyor is a continuous transport of materials machinery.Transmission principle of friction to drive the material through the drive roller and the tape as the tape moves, constantly added to the tape material and material from the loading end of conveyor to the discharge side, and special material unloading containers or material heap.The belt conveyor is widely used in metallurgy, coal, hydropower, building materials and chemical and other enterprises.Under normal circumstances, the mining belt conveyor has the following three types: ordinary belt conveyor, steel cord belt conveyor, wire rope traction belt conveyor.The tape around the drive roller and the change to the drum constitute a promise ring with.Up and down two tape bearing on the respective roller.The tensioning device can be used to adjust the tape tight or too loose.When work, the drive pulley by friction between the tape and it , drive tape running.By the continuous loading of the loading funnel material in the previous paragraph on the tape as the tape is running, transported to the front end of the uninstall.On the tape with the trough a set of roller bearing to increase the material off the area.The next segment of the tape by the level should be shaped roller bearing.All idlers are installed in the rack.Essential parts of belt conveyor are conveyor belt, idler and drive (drive pulley), rack, the tensioning device and cleaning device.The conveyor belt in the belt conveyor in both traction and bearing institutions.Not only does it have sufficient strength, but also the corresponding carrying capacity.The conveyor belt is limited to the conditions of transport, a ship made ??in the factory 100m segment of the band, need to use a number of strip segments to be connected together.The conveyor belt connected methods are mainly divided into three kinds: mechanical method, curing method and cold bonding method.Working principle:conveyor belt is an end to end belt forming a closed loop, set in the conveyor drive pulley and bend pulley on the tail.There are many rollers in the middle of the conveyor as support to maintain a certain shape and state.At the top of one conveyor end with a charging device, the material will be delivered to the conveyor belt, the other end with a discharging device for material unloading.In stone production and transportation, unloading generally is at the conveyor end.Drive roller is driven by a motor via a gear ,relying on friction between the belt and rollers to drag conveyors for recycling movement.The materials fallen on the belt from feeding device are carried away with the belt movement.Jaw crusher impact crusher cone crusher ball mill raymond mill magnetic separator flotation separator rotary kiln.

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