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Belt Conveyor Types For Industrial And Production Process

Conveyors are the mechanical plans used to move the big and massive packages and items with minimal effort.It usually consists of the frames that support rollers, wheels or belts and may be either motor driven or manual.Their primary purpose is to move bulk material like gravel or sand.It also includes the strap that uses moving belt, bucket and vertical conveyors that lift material, vibrating conveyors that while moving also vibrates the material, overhead conveyor from which items hang during transport.Types of belt conveyorstypes of belt conveyors types of conveyor slat/apron these conveyors are material handling system that uses steel, wood or other material which are mounted on roller chains to covey from one place to another.It is used in industries and foundries where heavy objects like crate, drums or pallets are moved.It helps in heavy duty use with less wear and tear.These belt conveyors suppliers are usually powered and come in many sizes and load capacities.Ball transfer conveyors are material handling systems that are used for mounted ball casters to allow for multidirectional conveyance of the product.It is used for material handling applications such as assembly lines and packaging.They are not powered and rely on external forces to move products along the belt.It is used in food services, baggage handling, packaging, postal service and much more.Beltless magnetic conveyors have moving magnets beneath stationary plates.It runs on electricity and system can be horizontal, vertical or combinations.Bucket conveyors are material handling system that uses multi-sided containers attached to cables or chains to convey products or material.Bucket conveyors are used in application such as parks, bulk material or food handling.The materials it can handle like sludge, sand, manure, and sugar.The system can be used horizontally or inclined to change levels of the delivery product.There are many sizes, and load carrying capacities are available depending on the application it is used for.Chute conveyors are material handling system that uses gravity to convey products along the smooth surface from one level to another.This type of belt conveyor supplier is widely utilized for scrap handling, packaging, postal services, etc.Their chute is generally smooth allowing the product to slide quickly and can be straight or curved depending on the application.Drag/chain/tow conveyors are used for mechanical devices attached to moving chains and cable to drag or tow a product.They are primarily used in material handling to drag or tow various products differently.Overhead conveyors are handling system mounted on the ceilings that use trolleys or carriers moved by chains, cables or similar connections.It is used primarily in material handling applications where the product needs to be hung such as dry-cleaning garments lines, paint lines, or parts handling system for cooling or curing.Most of such conveyors are powered and controlled while others are hand operated.Vacuum conveyors are material handling systems that use air pressure or vacuum to transport material or items on through closed tubes or ducts or along surfaces.It is used for ticket delivering, paper handling, dust collection, chemicals processes, etc.

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