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Beneficiation Process Lubrication And Magnetic

Beneficiation process lubrication and magnetic, the most detailed flotation process jaw crusher flow works where? the most detailed flotation process works where?to ask the xingbang heavy industry it! the flotation machine is mainly used for the election of other copper, zinc, lead, nickel, gold and other non-ferrous metals, can also be used for the roughing and a selection of black metal and nonmetal.Sorting machine driven by the motor v-belt drive rotation of the impeller centrifugal effect to form a negative pressure to inhale sufficient air mixed with the pulp on the one hand, on the one hand, stirring the mixture of pulp and drugs, while refinement of foam, mineral adhesive foam on top, floating the formation of mineralized foam to the slurry surface.Adjust the ram height of the control surface, useful foam scraped by the scraper.Slime and pharmaceutical crusher machine mixing into the flotation machine room to slot under the impeller rotation, the formation of negative pressure in the wheel cavity, making the slot bottom and slot pulp, respectively, by the suction of the impeller and suction into the mixing zone, but also makes the air into the mixing zone along the air conductivity sleeve, slurry, air, and pharmaceutical are mixed here.Impeller centrifugal force, the mixed slurry into the mineralized zone, the air to form bubbles rock crusher and crushed, and full mobile crusher plant contact with the coal particles, the formation of mineralized bubbles in the stator and the role of the turbulent plate, evenly distributed in the tank cross-section, and move up into the separation zone, enriched in the formation of the foam layer, discharge by scraping bulbs organizations, the formation of fine coal bubble.Sorting swivel slow rotation, sorting room into a floating field area, selected material by the pulp distributor, respectively, to the six selected points, weakly magnetic mineral particles being sucked in the tooth-board and ring rotation with the sorting.Non-magnetic mineral particles under the action of gravity and slurry flow through the gap of the tooth plate, discharged into the tailings separation ring the lower slot.Give into the cleaning position of the sorting room to go to the mine, a small amount of clean water, mixed with gangue, with the living body and slime washed into the tailings slot (the machine is not set mine shafts) to improve the quality of concentrate purpose.Alicey599 when the sorting room when you go to the location of the magnetic field is weak (the concentrate rinse district), is injected into the pressure of the water, the absorption board in the teeth of weakly magnetic mineral particles into the concentrate tank.Go to another of opposite polarity magnetic field followed by sorting room sorting ring per week to which each of the sorting room and so forth.The bottom of the above is not mineralized coal particles through the loop holes and suction again mixed, mineralization and separation.Slot not inhaled by the impeller under part of the pulp through the box buried in the mine in the pulp beneath the slot into the second room, completed the first room, the crushing plant third room, flotation machine, again and again, the pulp through the last final tailings discharged into the tailings box in a room.

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