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Benefits Related To Servo Tuning Technologies

Servo tuning is one of the most basic optimization tools.Servo tuning can be done to any machine at any time and usually yields the best results.Many people take servo tuning for granted and fail to realize that servo performance is directly related to part finish and tolerance.Servo tuning could be adjusted (and should be checked periodically) at any stage in a machine tool's life.Good servo tuning can help your machine tool achieve smoother more precise axes control, faster cycle times, better path accuracy and extended machine life.Following are benefits as they relate to servo tuning: smoother more precise axes control: machine tool servo systems are referred to as closed loop systems, which means that as a command is generated to move the axes, feedback is provided by the servo-controlled axis to confirm the axis is properly responding to the command.The command is constantly adjusted based on the feedback and command, in order to ensure the axis is following the program path.There are three basic servo control loops.The current loop is used to control the fine commutation of the motor as well as the application of the motor torque.The velocity loop is used to ensure the servo motor is running at the proper speed and that the speed is applied smoothly.The position loop is used to ensure the axes position is accurate, keeping the axes on the program path (figure 2).Poorly tuned servo control loops can actually have the loops fighting each other resulting in instabilities and path errors.A well tuned servo control loop results from assuring that all the previously stated control loops are working together to provide the smoothest operation, quickest response, best possible path accuracy.Faster cycle times: servo tuning can aid in achieving faster cycle times in several ways.A well tuned servo system is capable of accelerating and decelerating the servo axes quicker and with less shock.The faster the axes can respond to speed changes in the part program, the shorter the overall cycle time can become.A well tuned servo system will also provide more stable operation at higher feed rates, allowing for faster cutting speeds (depending on and limited to machine condition, tooling and material).In addition, tuning a servo system will allow the axes to respond quicker to changes in axes load due to heavy cuts or inconsistent material.Better path accuracy: as part of the servo tuning procedure, the loop gain for each control loop is adjusted to perform at its peak.The loop gain refers to the ability of the servo system to follow the program path.All servo systems lag the commanded position slightly.The amount of servo lag in an axes is directly related to how well tuned the servos are.Servo lag also increases with speed.So a well tuned servo system allows for much higher position loop gains, which in turn, reduces the amount of servo lag-providing much closer path accuracy and a more precise part.Extended machine life: a well tuned servo system accelerates and decelerates smoother and moves smoother.Because of this, mechanical shock to your machine is reduced extending the mechanical life of the machine.In addition, the ability of the axes to handle changes in cutting load-with little or no effect to servo response-allows the machine to maintain a constant velocity with no vibration, further reducing mechanical shock.Spindle tuning: often spindle motors are overlooked in the tuning process.Tuning a spindle to optimize velocity control improves the spindle's ability to maintain speed and reduces the possibility of tool chatter.Tuning and optimizing spindle acceleration performance provides better speed response, faster tapping cycles and more accurate threading cycles.Tuning positioning and orientation on a spindle helps with faster tool changes better positioning and a stable platform for probing.As a leading global manufacturer of crushing and milling equipment, we offer advanced, rational solutions for any size-reduction requirements, including quarry, aggregate, grinding production and complete stone crushing station.We also supply individual cone crusher and hammer crusher as well as spare parts of them.Cone crusher:http://www.Hx-china.Com/5.Htmlhammer crusher:http://www.Hxjqchina.Com/product-list_20.Html.

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