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Benefits Types And Significant Uses Of Conveyor Systems

The conveyor system was first invented in the year 1700 to move large quantities of grain from one place to another.Today these systems have improvised vastly, extending its usage to many fields in the business world.It is widely used in various places including warehouses, manufacturing plants, airports, mines and industries to move both heavy and light items from one place to another.Common benefits of using conveyor system there are obviously many benefits of using these systems and some of the most significant benefits are: easy transportation of heavy goods from one place to another.Saves ample amount of time spent on moving heavy itemssaves labor cost and reduces the overall cost of productionhelps to avoid injuries caused while moving heavy goods from place to place.Moves objects quickly and efficiently different types and its uses the conveyor systems are mainly categorized into three different types.The bucket, roller and the screw conveyors are the three different types of systems used for transporting goods.Bucket system: the bucket system or the bucket elevator system is used for moving materials in buckets.Liquids and loose materials such as grains, sand, iron ore and so forth are moved with the help of bucket elevator systems.There are manual powered systems apart from hydraulic, electronic and mechanic powered systems.The buckets can move horizontally and vertically as it moves on chains.It is widely used in mining industries for transporting iron ore and other materials.Roller conveyor system: the roller systems are considered to be the most common varieties of conveyors which consist of rollers.It includes various round cylinders under a long surface.The items on the surface move when the cylinders rotate under the surface.These rollers move continuously from one place to another.There are two types of roller systems-the powered and the non-powered systems.Electrical engines are utilized for powered roller systems while non powered systems utilize slopes to move objects from an incline.The roller systems are widely used for transporting light objects such as pallets and boxes.It is used in food processing industries, packaging industries and various food plants.The rollers systems are also used to unload different types of perishable items from ships and trucks.Screw systems: the screw conveyor system consists of a long enclosed metal tube with a large screw.This unique system is used to transport liquids and other types of loose and non- free flowing materials which cannot be moved with the help of bucket and roller systems.The screw which is fixed to the tube is used to force the materials through the tube.The screw systems are quite efficient as it can move materials in various directions including straight, horizontal and vertical.As it requires less space, it can be effectively used in places where there is space constraint.Most of these conveyor systems can be bought easily from online stores at attractive price rates.There are a number of dealers who supply a variety of systems with different additional features.

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