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Our whole world is facing a problem from polluted environment.Various developing countries are also facing a same problem regardless of advancement in technology.The most crucial factor which makes people worry and divert their mind in to is how to save environment? how to make people aware that really it is a very disturbing issue which going to harm and has started harming to humans in varied ways.An expert from various countries has organized a world environment summit to discuss these crucial and devastating issues of environment pollution through various hazardous and poisonous gases.Concept of sustainable development is also a very major factor in today's world.To make people understand and also to bring awareness in each and every humans about environment is only possible through proper environmental education and training in diverse ways.Proper steps are to be followed in making people educate and aware.Below mentioned ways can work out in educating humans.• developing educational materials in formal educational sector • to allow promotions by (non-government organization) ngo, mass media and other concerned organizations by encouraging them to take initiative.• to ensure training and manpower development in environment education.• various campaigns are being organized by various institutes to make people aware about the effects on the environment which is alarming • showing videos and pictures of environmental polluted places to get quick awareness.Reasons for environmental pollutions • various industries like chemical, agricultural, forestry, pharmaceutical and engineering and affecting environment mostly.The poisonous gases coming from chimneys of chemical industries, chemical in liquid form which is been channelized through pipeline and thrown in auspicious rivers.• industrial wastes are being dumped in soil which makes its spoils seen from the cultivation perspective.• agricultural wastes are also been thrown unnecessarily which is affecting environment.As the concept of waste from best is very much popular so briquetting plant is the most helpful in making environment greener is some proportion.By recycling of wastage its presence gets reduces and saving environment in enormous way purpose of briquetting plant intention briquetting plant or briquetting machine is to recycle the wastage and to convert waste gathered from agriculture, forestry, and industries into a solid fuel.Briquetting are manufactured in logs containing a cylindrical shape with usage of high pressure but not usage of any kind of chemicals.The work of briquetting machine is to produce fuel which is an alternate for conventional fossil fuels which can be later used in manufacturing facilities like large furnaces, kilns and boilers in various industrial industries.Major advantages of using briquetting plant • as resource we get to produce energy is renewable and prevent usage of non- renewable energy.• environmental friendly and aids in making earth more greener.• any kind of agriculture waste can be converted or transferred into finished briquettes which are used later on as energy.• easy packaging and storage.• the whole process is very cheap and affordable so assuring higher profitability.

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