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Biogas And Its Uses

Biogas is a renewable energy source like solar power, wind, and biomass etc.For generating biogas, organic materials like manure, crop residue, green waste, plant material, food scraps, and wastewater sludge are fed into the digester.In the digester the material is heated to 38-40 degree celsius and stirred for thirty to sixty days, gradually creating a combination of carbon dioxide, methane, and other relevant gases.After the production of biomass, waste material is converted into high quality fertilizers which are further used for different crops.Biogas can be compressed in the same way natural gas is compressed to cng.The composition of biogas varies depending upon the origin of anaerobic digestion process.Primary component of biogas is methane.The amount of methane in the production of biogas depends upon feedstock and efficiency of the process.In layman language, it is also known as gobar gas.Talking about the benefits of biogas, it helps to reduce global climate change.That is because manure that is left to decompose emits mainly two gases- nitrogen dioxide and methane.The former is responsible for heating the atmosphere around 310 times more than carbon dioxide.On the other hand, methane heats the atmosphere 21 times more than co2.In short, biogas plants lower the greenhouse effect on the earth's atmosphere.It is cheaper and ideal for small scale applications.This non-polluting and renewable biogas is produced in the waste recycling plant.It is an efficient way of energy conversion.Biogas also creates new opportunities for employment.Applications of biomass the most common use is to produce electricity or to combined heat and power.Main technology used for this is internal combustion.Even in some of the countries like north america, use of biomass generates enough electricity to meet three percent of the electricity expenditure.The most common use of biogas in developing countries is for the purpose of cooking and lighting.Conventional gas lamps and gas burners can be easily adjusted to biogas by transforming the air to gas ratio.It is also used for running tube well and water pump set engines.In addition, biogas can be used in all applications designed particularly for natural gas such as direct combustion comprising cooking, heating and cooling, drying, water heating, and gas turbines.It may also be used to power vehicles.If cleaned to a proper level that meets standards, it can also be injected into gas pipelines and gives illumination and steam production.By the means of a catalytic chemical oxidation, methane (the main component of biogas) can be used in the production of methanol production.

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