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Biomass Briquette Is An Ideal Substitute To Black Coal

In the developing countries, biomass waste and residues from the agro-crops like groundnut shells, coir pith, rice husk, jute sticks, mustard stalks, cotton stalks, coffee husk, almond shells, etc.Are available in huge quantity.Another waste material like sawdust, forest leaves, tree wood are also existing in the vast quantity.Hence, to balance the eco cycle of nature and avoid pollution we have to recycle all these residues into a useful fuel briquettes.For this briquetting process, the biomass briquette press machine is used.The use of biofuel briquettes has been gradually increasing as the industries understand the benefits of the reducing pollution through the use of biomass briquettes.The white coal briquettes have a higher specific density approximately 1200 kg/m3 which is higher than black coal.The biomass briquettes burn with high calorific value without releasing ash content.While the black coal having less calorific value, causes the environment pollution by emitting the ash and hazardous gases like sulfur, co2, and phosphor.The biomass briquettes are used in the industrial boiler in place of coal and saves an average 30-40% of the boiler fuel cost as compared to black coal.The biomass briquettes made from the latest technological briquette press machine are less expensive and easily affordable biofuel.As compared to the black coal, the biomass briquettes produce a much smaller amount of greenhouse gases (approximately 13-41%).The agro-waste briquettes are also quite resistant to the water degradation that is an improvement over the difficulty encountered with the burning of wet coal.The biomass briquette produces high energy with minimal pollution of the environment.Hence, it cuts down the release of previously confiscated carbon.The use of biomass briquettes decreases the relative emissions of coal power plants and other industries.Also, the maintenance and the transportation costs are much less than the other coals.This biofuel briquettes give higher boiler efficiency.Therefore, from the all above facts, we can conclude that the briquette is the sole fuel that can be globally used for any type of application starting from the home to industries.So,use biomass briquettes instead of wood, lignite and other fossil fuel as it saves environment and helps to create green surroundings.

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