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Biomass Briquette Plant Known As Agricultural Waste Recycled Plant

The biomass briquettes are formed by compressing biomass waste and agricultural residues like leaves, bagasse, groundnut shells, pine needles, cotton stalk and sunflowers, etc.Using binder less briquette press machine.The biomass briquette plant machine uses the eco-friendly method of the energy production through loose solid biomass waste.The fuel briquette produced using the non-usable bio-waste are highly flammable and cheaper bio fuel having much less ash content.The white coal briquettes give more energy than other fuels while burning.Therefore, such kind of briquettes is used in the cooking applications in houses, as well as in heating and electricity applications in the industries.Due to recycling of all kinds of agro-forestry, solid waste into the biomass briquette plant, different problems related to pollution and waste disposal are easily solved.So, the this waste recycling plant is beneficial for environment protection.Also, the biomass briquette machines are responsible for creating an eco-friendly surroundings as they do not generate any greenhouse gas emissions, fly ash while producing the briquettes.By seeing all these advantages, several governments of developing countries offer tax benefits and different financial incentives for the project of briquette plant manufacturing.As the briquette plant used to stop the deforestation and save the natural resources in many countries, the indian government removes tax on the briquette plant manufacturing business for first five years.The environment saving fuel briquettes can replace any fossil fuel as briquettes have too many advantages like, low moisture content, less ash content, pollution free and the main feature called renewable nature.The briquetting plant also useful for the farmers as they can earn profit by selling their solid agro-crop waste to the briquette plant manufacturer.The manufacturing of biomass briquettes in the briquetting press is the continuous process which requires less time and labor efforts.The briquette press machines are easy to operate and handle, so, the maintenance and operation cost is reduced.Also, the finished product briquettes are of hard solidity and fixed volume, easy to store and transport.So, overall cost of handling and manufacturing is reduced as compared to other energy power plants.The briquettes are a cheap and reliable solution for industries as it is pollution free and offers more calorific value than charcoal.Thus, the industries in the developing countries should use briquette instead of coal to contribute in their nation's global energy supply.

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