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Biomass Briquette Plant Prevents Pollution

Biomass today considered for over one- third of all the energy used in the developing countries.The probable power generation from biomass and bio-residues in india is 19000 mw.Hence, biomass is the outstanding renewable resource that is used in manufacturing of briquettes in biomass briquette plants.Briquette plant is a simple technology that converts the agro and bio waste into the bio coal briquettes.It is a project of gaining energy from best form of waste material.Biomass briquette plant is the safest and cleanest way to produce the white coal briquettes with 100% pollution free briquette press machine.Briquette machines produce the eco-friendly briquettes without releasing any dangerous gases like sulfur, carbon dioxide and phosphor.Hence, fabrication process of agro waste briquettes is nature friendly.Another fact that proves that the biomass briquette plant follows the pollution control production is that the briquette press machine binds the raw materials and make briquettes without any external component that work as a binding agent.Hence, we can say that this process is feasible in which the green waste is directly converted into a biofuel briquettes with high pressure requirements only.The business of briquette plant easy to start as the raw materials like agricultural waste, forestry waste and residues are easily available from our surroundings and can also be available in plentiful quantity with cheaper rates.This biomass bricket has been successfully used as an alternative option of all the fossil fuels.The biomass briquette as a fuel leads to the smokeless, odorless and ash free burning.Hence, the output product of briquette plant is also pollution free solid bio fuel.This biomass bricket is nowadays used in many industries in place of black coal, lignite and other petroleum oils due to its eco-friendly nature.The whole biomass briquetting plant manufacturer processes the misuse of agro-crops and this process from production to the end-use offers a solution to the removal of the harmful garbage, results in a cheaper renewable energy resource, provides new employment and business opportunities.The renewable energy resource briquettes are energy conventional and the production process is systematically biodegradable.Therefore, the demand of pollution free briquettes is increasing exponentially and many industries in the developing countries want to set up their own biomass briquette plant project.It's easy to set up a briquetting plant as compared to traditional fuels.Hence, briquette press is the best way to reuse the devastates materials and it certainly helps us to create green planet.

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