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Biomass Briquettes Alternative Energy Resource Replaces Fossil Fuels

White coal briquettes are a kind of industrial and household solid fuel which can be manufactured by compacting waste agro-crops.Other forestry wastes and residues are also used in making biomass brickets.There is a wide range of applications of briquettes in the household as well as in different industrial manufacturing process.As compared to other traditional black coal, the biomass briquettes made in briquetting plants.This business has not been totally explored as there has not been a shortage of biofuel in the past.However, considering the current fuel deficiency and continually rising prices of the ordinary fuels, people are looking for the alternative fuels like briquettes.The considerable applications of biomass briquettes are:  for water heating and food making in households  the heating process of many products like tobacco curing, fruits and tea drying process, poultry rearing, etc. in ceramic units, for firing purposes  in making of some clay wares like improved cook stoves, bricks, etc. in boilers and gasifiers as a fuel to produce electricity and steam  as a fuel for heating and melting process of metal all these applications lead to the point that the briquetting plant manufacturing business will make the marketing of eco-friendly business in future.Let's focus on the benefits of white bio coal briquettes:  use of briquettes leads to the reduction of the smoke and ash produced while burning of black coal  very efficient and eco-friendly fuel, so it will save your time, money and also efforts  less pollution of natural resources as all the wastes are turned into best bio coal  the farmers can make good money from their agricultural waste of crops  biomass briquetting means less garbage in the dumps and less pollution in the air.Materials used for making briquette doesn't have any more profitable use than making briquettes in biomass briquetting press.Waste like papers, leaves, agro-wastes such as stalks and flowers of cottons, tree wood are recycled in the briquetting press machine and make reusable produce biomass briquettes which is pollution free.So, briquettes replace all the traditional fuel.Brickets are highly combustible and flammable than other black coals.Briquettes provide more calorific value than black coals.Hence, we have to start the use of briquettes as an alternate energy resource to keep our environment pollution free.

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