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Biomass Briquettes The Fuel Of The Rising World

What are biomass briquettes? biomass briquettes are bio fuel alternative of fossil fuel such as oil, gas, diesel, wood and any other expensive fuels which are used in industries.Low energy fuel can be converted into high density fuels from biomass briquetting plant.Biomass briquetting is method in with agriculture waste is compressed at high pressure to form a solid densified substance called biomass briquettes.The major waste material which are used in making briquettes are rice husk, tea husk, cotton salk and any other organic materials.The energy content of bio coal briquettes is ranged from 4.7 to 6.7 kj/g depending upon waste materials are used in briquetting process.Using saw dust and husk are increasing the energy content of biomass briquettes.It is also known as white coal briquettes.Many industries are moving to biomass briquettes to not only cut down the production costs but also to achieve higher calorific performances.This plant is growing very widely; most of the developing countries are giving carbon credit to the industries which are using bio fuels.There are many advantages of using bio fuel.The major advantage of white coal is cost saving and eco friendly.It is cheaper than any other non renewable source of energy so it saves a lot of cost for the industries.Another top benefit is that it can be reproduced easily and no longer waiting for millions of year like fossil fuels.The country like india, africa, and china has promoted industries to use bio coal briquettes instead of fossil fuels.Today, india has many industries who implement biomass briquette plant.Biomass briquettes create fewer residues than black coal.These white coal are used in industries to heat the boiler and furnaces.When briquetting plant is processing, it does not generate any harmful gases hence it is known as eco friendly briquettes.These white coal are different from charcoal because they do not have large concentration carbonaceous substances and added materials.The use of bio coal briquettes is encouraged by governments all over the globe, and hence earns carbon credit to the industries.They are made from trash through briquetting machine.There are many briquetting machine manufacturers in the industries that make superior quality briquetting machines as per your requirement.So, now if you are using fossil fuels such as coal, oil, diesel, it's time for you to switch on bio fuels.At the end, bio coal briquettes are bio fuel of our developing world.So, use them and be the part of healthy environment.

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