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Biomass Briquetting Plant Opens A New Way To Save Climate

Biomass briquettes are the best resource of fuel that replace the natural fuel source like coal and charcoal.The need for keeping environment free from the unwanted and unused materials leads to the use of the briquetting plant.Briquetting plants target the energy production along with saving the environment.Briquetting press machine came into the picture when there was an increasing need to save climate from the green house effects.Briquetting machines produce briquettes in such a way that it does not affect our climate anyhow.The procedure of manufacturing biomass briquette is eco-friendly and pollution free.The briquette machines help in converting agricultural waste as well as forestry residues to briquettes that can be used in many purposes.The biomass briquette has following advantages : this is one of the alternative methods to save the consumption and dependency on fuel wood.Densities fuels are easy to maintain, transport and store.They are uniform in size and quality.The process helps to solve the residual disposal problem.The process assists the reduction of fuel wood and deforestation.Indoor air pollution is minimized.The latest technology that is used by briquetting press machines is to produce bio briquettes without binder.In this technology, the agro-waste and residues are dried first and then directly compacted with high pressure and heat.The raw materials for making biomass briquettes are: agricultural residues (husks, stalks, leaves, stem, shells, sticks) forest residues(congress grass, forest leaves, tree wood, sawdust) waste from bio-product industries like saw mills, paper mills, plywood industries.Why briquetting plant is beneficial? the following benefits show that briquetting plant is the promising technology that reduce the pollution.Briquettes are cheaper than black coal, lignite and oil fuel.There is no sulfur or carbonic elements in briquettes.There is no ash content while burning briquettes.Briquettes have a consistent quality, have high burning efficiency, and are ideal sized for complete combustion.Combustion is more uniform compared to coal.Unlike coal, lignite or oil, briquettes are produced from renewable source of energy biomass.Briquettes are clean to handle & easy to handle & store the manufacturing technology is pollution free and eco-friendly.The briquette is easy to ignite.Continuous burning and long burning hours.From above discussion, we conclude that biomass briquetting plant is the best way to protect our environment the pollution.

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