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Biomass Briquetting Plant Plant For The Better Future

What is biomass briquetting plant? india produces about 450 to 500 million tons of biomass per year which are generally dumped into sea or burnt.But now people worried about future so they are using this waste for making briquetting plant and bio fuel.This waste can be recycled and provide renewable source of energy by converting biomass into helpful biomass briquettes through briquetting machines.Different types of raw material are firmed under pressure by briquetting press machine and convert their material into smaller raw material which is known as briquettes.Briquettes are also known as 'white coal' because it does not pollute when it burns.Best from waste india is moving towards the progress and setting up more and more briquetting plants for better future.Almost all industries have their own wasted raw materials.This is harmful for environment but the invention of briquetting machines make it possible to make this type of useless material into helpful raw material that can be reuse as bio-fuel.Bio fuel is also the alternative source of energy.It is gathered from biomass and completely convention fuel.Bio fuel has its own three forms like gas, liquid and solid.One of the best examples of bio fuel is bio-diesel.From biodiesel, people's dependency on expensive fuels has been decreased.This is the best project for human beings and animals.Use of briquettes biomass briquetting plant is generally used in industries like: spinning mills rubber industry leather industry brick kilns ceramic units milk plant and dairy dryer and oven for generate hot air bakery industry textile mills and now in distilleries and bio electric power plants.Great source for environment and farmers poor people and farmers can get income by selling their own wastage like groundnut shells, cotton salk etc.This is the great source for them.Sometimes they can't afford electricity cost, at that time they can generate electricity through biomass briquette plant.Our motto is to save environment from any type of garbage.Briquetting plant is made from biomass and this is the best way to keep our environment clean and healthy.The process of making briquettes is totally eco-friendly and pollution-free.Biomass market in india is growing steadily as new ideas are being taken and investments start flowing in.Additionally, the government is giving various inducement and subsidies to promote the usage of biomass power.

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