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Biomass Briquetting Plants Saving Natural Resources And Saving Environment

One can't get them again because natural resources take so many decades to form inside the surface of earth.In addition, one can't deny from the fact that these resources increases pollution and green houses gases on the earth.So, it is the time to find alternate sources of both fuel and energy in order to create a balance between demand and supply.Biomass briquetting plants are an effective solution to save the non-renewable fossil fuels that are available in limited quantity.These plants use briquette machinesto process the waste and convert it into biomass briquettes.These briquettes are the eco-friendly fuel that is mainly made by processing agricultural and forestry waste.Prior to the advent of this machine, this waste was either destroyed or burnt inefficiently causing air pollution.This improper burning leaves many other impacts on the environment by the means of increasing temperature which causes global warming as well as depletion of ozone layer.Among all natural resources coal, natural gas, petroleum etc.Are the widely used resources.These are mainly used in cooking, transportation and for heating boilers.These boilers then generate steam for producing electricity.Most of the developing countries like india have agro-based economy that helps in rich supply of agricultural waste for biomass briquette generation.This makes it easy availability of agricultural waste that is a high source of briquettes generation.The best part of biomass briquettes generated at briquetting plants is they can serve all these purposes that any natural resource can serve.The machines use a binder less technology in the manufacturing of briquettes.It means there is no need of added an extra agent for binding the briquettes.Another advantage of briquettes over conventional fuels is that they are the flammable material used to start and maintain the fire in a smokeless way.It also reduces pollution and soil erosion by making the recycling of waste possible at an affordable cost.These briquettes can also be used in cooking.Apart from biomass, white coal briquettes are a sustainable source of energy that avoids adding fossil carbon that is the prime pollutant in the atmosphere.There are many countries that are making the high usage of such briquettes to meet their demand of fuel and energy because of the scarcity of natural resources.Even some of the countries have also switched from oil to biofuel briquettes.That is because they have high calorific value and save around 30-40% of the boiler fuel cost.

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